How to Verify and Increase Work Experience via Blockchain?

From this article you will learn how Vertalo platform lets users gain access to more opportunities for employment, education and more
12 May 2018   140

Vertalo is an incentive-driven platform that enables the verification of work and academic history. The goal of Vertalo is to provide a way for the users to leverage their experience to gain access to more opportunities, for employment, for education and more.

Vertalo team is building a blockchain-based network using blockchain technology for what it was meant to do: record and transfer a specific set of data in a decentralized, trustless system. The strength of Vertalo platform is based on the natural network effect formed by the relationship between organizations and the individuals they employ, enhanced by two important factors: replacing trust with immutable, externally verifiable records of employment history, and incentivizing network growth, and fair certifications, via Talos Token rewards.

What is Stint?

Within the Vertalo Network the specific set of data is personal work experience, and it is called Stints.

  • Each Stint is a container and method for an individual’s two-sided certification of time-bound activities like employment or education.
  • Vertalo is built on blockchain technology and is reliant on smart contracts.
  • Stints can be searched in the StintDB to verify the certification status as recorded in the blockchain.

What are the benefits of Vertalo?

Vertalo team is building a system to more efficiently organize that which has become untrackable  - the global gig economy  - and connect a community that is made up of many participants.

  • Vertalo is building a trustless network that relies on verification; one built for the decentralized, remote workers of today.
  • Vertalo aims to empower all the community participants to leverage their experience in order to gain the opportunity and growth that matches this unprecedented technology.
  • Vertalo is focused on unbiased hiring: an employer will be able to bring on new employees purely on merit. Plus, with a public ledger of “Stints,” everyone will be able to see their colleague’s connections and experience  - all of a sudden networking becomes simpler and new connections are more accurately vetted.


What are the values of Vertalo?

Vertalo is a system that doesn’t require trust, but instead relies on verification. Its team values unbiased hiring and risk-free credit while increasing access to expertise and opportunity, and wants to employ a secure, decentralized network that improves the way it establishes credibility between people and organizations.

We intend to empower all individuals access to their own authenticated value within the work economy. Recording experience onto the blockchain, using smart contracts for attestations, and storing these within a form of a wallet is our vision for the future. And in the mobile-first 3rd world, where systems are less trustworthy, and where payment systems are less reliable, there is a huge set of problems which are ripe for this solution.

Vertalo Team

Vertalo is building a stronger trustless community of professionals, a network of participants who will be able to certify one another to reinforce their relationship. Certification creates opportunities  -  a standardized and verifiable employment graph can provide reputation for individuals, and quickly align interests between strangers, obviating the need for time-consuming trust-building.

The Vertalo Team

Vertalo is an influential group of leaders coming from employment verification, people-based marketing, recruiting, e-commerce, social network and blockchain communities.

  • Dave Hendricks, CEO and Co-Founder, has been named of NY’s top technology innovators. Dave’s experience with people-based marketing, data compilation, and recruiting generated his interest in use of the blockchain for employment attestation and verification.
  • William Baxter is the CTO and Co-Founder of SeriesX, an incubator for Future of Work and corroborated social identity-focused blockchain initiatives. 
  • Eric Stewart, a software-focused technologist who has served as a developer, lead, architect, coach, trainer, speaker, manager, and mentor for more than 20 years.
  • Karl Llewellyn, who has envisioned, designed and created online user experience for over 15 years.
  • Paras Shah, who has been a part of two SaaS companies focused in the oil and gas space at very early stages, brings a long standing interest with traditional and cryptocurrency markets.

By joining Vertalo Network, individuals will be able to prove their histories to a hiring company, a background checker, or a credit bureau, based on certification of their history by employers or universities. Organizations on the other hand will be able to produce a census of all their associates without reliance on siloed HR platforms, and all parties will be able to provide neutral and passive references via standardized certifications.

PascalCoin to activate V3 Hard fork

PascalCoin V3 Hard fork will be activated on block 210,000 on May 31 and feature anonymity via transaction mixing and inflation reduction
26 May 2018   39

PascalCoin is preparing for V3 Hard fork scheduled for May 31. It will introduce key improvements as such:

  • anonymity transaction mixing;
  • 50% inflation reduction;
  • Lazarus/FPC gets 10% of funding

To get more into the details:

PascalCoin transactions occur between publicly visible accounts and the crucial aspect needs to be implemented - fungibility. The improvement will allow users to perform 'client-server mixing', 'network-protocol mixing', 'chaining multi-transactions', 'decentralized exchanging' and 'monetized-API mixing'.

As for Lazarus/FPC (a base tooling from which PascalCoin is founded on), a total of 10% of the Developer Rewards is recommended to be allocated for the FOSS project funding. In a long run, a large developer mind-share is expected to reduce costs significantly.

To learn more about the details of the fork, you can visit Improvement Proposal page here. And regarding the market characteristics of PascalCoin, at the moment of publication they are as follows:

Average price 0.765895 USD
Market cap 15,978,408 USD
Volume (24H) 89,861 USD