Huob toi Register With FinCEN on the Eve of US Launch

For the first time, Huobi announced plans to open am office in the US in early February
26 March 2018   122

The American branch of the Huobi currency exchange has registered in the US Financial Crimes Network as a "financial services provider", CoinDesk reports.

For the first time, Huobi, the world's largest Chinese site, announced plans to open a representative office in the US in early February.

Subsequently, Li Lin, CEO and founder of Huobi Group, confirmed that the company intends to launch a crypto-exchange platform aimed primarily at American investors and operating separately from Huobi Pro.

The issue is, currently there is no clear regulatory requirement for crypto-to-crypto trading platforms from the U.S. at the federal level. Other platforms like Poloniex also operate in a similar way with registration as a money service business.

Li Lin
CEO and founder, Huobi Group

At the same time, Lee added that the only registration in the US financial department does not solve all the potential difficulties with regulators in the US.

Earlier SBI Holdings, a financial services unit of the Japanese SBI Group, refused to partner with the Chinese currency exchange Huobi, within the framework of which it was planned to open two new trading platforms in Japan - Huobi Japan and SBI Virtual Currency.

Huobi to Open Office in London

Vice Presinent of company said that London is the entry point for the European market for Huobi
18 April 2018   113

The Huobi Exchange, originally located in Beijing, but later moved to Singapore against the backdrop of the ban on China's cryptocurrency trade, intends to expand its presence in Europe. Chern Chung, head of development at Huobi in Europe, said his company wants to have an office in London, because this city is "our statistics show that London is the most active trading scene across all of Europe." This is  reported by Finance Magnates.

The London office will become the place where Huobi will develop and launch products for the entire European market. In addition, the exchange intends to establish strategic relations with leading banks located in one of the largest financial centers of the world.

London will not be the first place where Huobi will open its additional office. Earlier, the company began operating operations from South Korea, and in the foreseeable future plans to open in San Francisco.

Huobi's interest in London can also be conditioned by measures taken by Great Britain to introduce certainty into the issue of regulating the sphere of crypto-currencies.

Not Malta, not Switzerland. Absolutely London, more precisely Britain, is the entry point for the European market for us.

Peng Hu

Vice Presient, Huobi Group

According to Chung, the latest decision of the exchange is proof of its "commitment and intention to become public", and says that the company "is not afraid of regulation and does not hide from it."

Bloomberg reported in Septembe 2017 that London city still ranks as the world’s “top financial center", so Huobi's decision can be good.