Huobi and 500 Startups to Incubate Blockchain Startups

New enterprise will be called Batch 23 and will support startups in various ways
21 February 2018   114

Startups accelerator from the Silicon Valley 500 Startups announced the conclusion of an agreement with the division of the Huobi exchange, pursuing the same goals, Huobi Labs. This is reported by Coindesk.

Both organizations will support start-ups in various aspects, including helping them in drafting business plans, white paper, marketing strategies, engaging the community and attracting funding.

Huobi Labs will provide its links in the blockchain space, which will help 500 Startups program participants to work more actively with this technology. The group of startups included in the joint program Huobi Labs and 500 Startups, will be called Batch 23.

Our teams will learn so much especially around the ins and outs of how a digital exchange works.

Edith Yeung

Partner, 500 Startups

The founder of Huobi Labs, Junfei Ren, said that his company will work with the participants of 500 Startups and Batch 23 to "provide maximum assistance and support to all new projects".

500 Startups is an early investor in several crypto-currency projects. However, the company refuses to participate in the ICO, citing financial and legal risks.

Huobi partnered with blockchain incubator DigitalX100

During the 2018 Digital Asset Investment Forum in Washington D.C. Huobi teamed up with a brand new incubator DigitalX100
15 March 2018   204

Today, it was announced that during the 2018 Digital Asset Investment Forum that recently took place in Washington D.C., Huobi got into a partnership with a newly-founded blockchain incubator DigitalX100. The partnership is strategic in the sense that in tandem these two platforms can enhance each other's ability to locate promising blockchain solutions and bring a spotlight onto them by means of incubation, acceleration and investment.

The Washington DC Blockchain Incubator is very glad to work with Huobi labs to help impactful blockchain start-ups implement their strategic plans, enable innovators to develop blockchain based sector solutions and support the implementation of their first pilots.


Xiaochen Zhang

Founder, DigitalX100

As the announcement goes into details, after the selection, there will be designated steps of the incubation and acceleration, namely: formulating a fundraising strategy, designing a whitepaper, sculpting a go-to-market strategy, describing the ways of community engagement and specifying marketing campaign.

Blockchain is an innovative technology that will affect all aspects of the economy and the society. We are very excited to work together with DigitalX100 to support the start-ups of blockchains all over the world. With our strong cooperation, we both will partner with blockchain entrepreneurs to grow their businesses bigger, faster and hopefully more successfully.


Ted Que

Founder, Huobi Labs

The DAIF 2018 was hosted by FinTech4Good, and actually the forum was the founding place of DigitalX100 - a blockchain incubator located in Washington D.C. Huobi Labs was invited to the forum as a key player in blockchain solutions incubation platform segment, and Ted Que discussed the latest trends of the blockchain technology happening globally.