Huobi explained its position on the SegWit2x

Big Chinese cryptocurrencies exchange released official statement regarding the upcmoming hardfork
20 October 2017   1241

The Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Pro will add support for tokens, which may appear in mid-November as a result of the SegWit2x hardfork. This is reported on the official site of the trading platform.

Huobi Pro does not have the right to and chooses not to pick any coins deriving from bitcoin Segwit2x hark fork on behalf of our users. Therefore, Huobi Pro will support all coins deriving from bitcoin Segwit2x hard fork and our users have the options to choose which coins to trade. 

Huobi Official Announcement

Thus, users of the exchange will be able to choose which assets they want to trade. Representatives of the trading platform reported that for security purposes, the input and output of funds will be frozen for up to three days.

In addition, on October 19, Huobi added BT1 / BTC and BT2 / BTC futures. In the case of a successful hardfork, Huobi plans to rename the tokens of the new chain and add these tokens to the users in the ratio 1: 1. Then the exchange will start trading paired with BTC, and the new tokens also being traded paired with bitcoin. In case of a failure of the hardfork, Huobi will stop trading futures BT1 and BT2.

Japan May Initiate Unscheduled Exchage Check

An anonymous source told the investigation of the authorities affected the Fisco and Huobi Japan due to the alleged structural changes in the management
23 April 2019   101

The Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) has begun an unscheduled check of two local crypto exchange for their customer protection standards and legal compliance. It is reported by the Cointelegraph, citing Reuters Japan.

An anonymous source told reporters that the investigation of the authorities affected the Fisco and Huobi Japan exchanges. Apparently, the regulator paid close attention to these platforms due to the alleged structural changes in the management of the companies.

Note, at the end of last year, the Bitcoin exchange operator Zaif transferred the business to the investment company Fisco after the platform was hacked in the fall.

According to an anonymous informant, the FSA was also interested in anti-money laundering measures taken by the exchanges. During the test, the regulator considered them insufficient.

In February, the National Police Agency of Japan reported that money laundering with the help of cryptocurrencies increased 10 times in the country.