Huobi Pro launches NEO and GAS

Huobi Pro exchange announced the launch of NEO coin and GAS token which helped the prices of the coins hold rising positions on the background of general fall of the market
27 December 2017   1431

Huobi Pro, a digital asset exchange for cryptocurrency traders and investors, have announced listing NEO and GAS on December 27. As it was stated in the announcement, NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC and GAS/ETH trading will be available at New Zone from 14:00, December 28, 2017.

During 2017/12/28 14:00 to 2017/12/31 14:00 (GMT+8), verified user who has NEO or GAS trading and ranks TOP100,000 can get ¥10–100 GAS rewards. If you both trade NEO and GAS, you will only be rewarded for once. 

Huobi Pro Statement

The withdrawals are stated to be available from 14:00 on December 29 of 2017.

Huobi Can Fire Half of Staff

End of 2018 is sad for families of ConsenSys, Bitmain, GMO and Huobi employees now; who's next?
26 December 2018   233

Huobi Group will fire a half of its staff, 8btc reports.

So, one of the employees of Huobi said that the company is conducting the so-called blockchain qualification exam, which includes 2,000 questions. The exam must be passed by all employees of the company, and in case of his repeated failure should be dismissal. Such a check, insisted in Huobi, is necessary to improve the professionalism and efficiency of employees.

Another source claims that last week the company had already laid off about 100 employees with a staff of 1,000 and plans to cut another half of the workers.

At the same time, Huobi representatives say that the company is constantly in search of new personnel and continues to focus on "its core business and emerging markets."

Note that Huobi Global cryptocurrency exchange, part of the Huobi Group, ranks third in the daily trading volume, second only to OKEx and Binance.

The other day there were reports that more than half of the staff is going to be fired by Bitmain due to financial problems. Representatives of the Chinese company confirmed this information, but refused to name the number of employees who would fall under the reduction.