I Hope That PoW Dies a Quick Death, Hyperledger CEO Says

Brian Belendorf belives that there gotta be another technologies instead of Proof-of-Work concept, "that aren't so energy insensive"
23 April 2018   1162

Speaking at the Business of Blockchain conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), executive director of the Hyperledger consortium Brian Belendorf talked about his attitude to open source technologies, the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry and the consensus algorithm Proof-Of-Work. This is reported by CoinDesk.

CoinDesk Twitter
CoinDesk Twitter

He also noted that open source technologies will always be used for both good and bad purposes. However, in his opinion, this does not play any role, as long as they remain in the public domain.

Belendorf is convinced that many ordinary users are asking the same questions as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and are also afraid of the same things.

Earlier, Proof-Of-Work in the bitcoin network was called up by the co-founder bitcoin. org and bitcointalk. org Cobra because of the centralization and control over the hashrate in the hands of the largest manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain.

R3 & Hyperledger to Implement DAML Support

Integration was made by Digital Asset, which also said that in the future they can work with other centralized solutions like Amazon products
19 June 2019   779

The world's leading developer of blockchain solutions, Digital Asset Holdings, has made DAML smart contract programming language compatible with the Corda platform from the R3 consortium, the Hyperledger Fabric framework, and the Amazon Aurora cloud database.

Our vision to transform finance has evolved into an even bigger opportunity to accelerate innovation. Extending the power of DAML to multiple platforms is an exciting milestone and a continuation of our strategy to enable DAML to work anywhere and give clients more flexibility and choice to use the platform technology that best meets their needs.

Yuval Rooz

Co-founder and CEO, Digital Asset

Earlier, DAML support appeared in the framework of Hyperledger Sawtooth and VMWare.

Digital Asset Holdings stressed that in the future they can work with other centralized solutions like Amazon products, because there is a demand for the company's services in this segment.

At the same time, it became known that such giants as Microsoft Corporation, Salesforce software developer, Russian Norilsk Nickel, Polish Gloscad and consulting firm Milligan Partners joined the ranks of the Hyperledger consortium.