Ibby Bitty Site Released

New tool allows to convert whole website to a sing URL line
09 July 2018   302

Nicholas Jitkoff, vice president of design for Dropbox, developed the Itty bitty site technology, which allows you to create web pages that are stored inside their own URL in an encoded form.

Development allows you to create single-page mini-sites. On the page, you can place text, ASCII characters and emoji in any combination. The peculiarity of the technology is that all the content is contained in the hyperlink, and hosting on the server is not required. The content of the page is encoded using the LZMA compression algorithm in a string of characters, which is appended at the end of the URL. In fact, the link is an archived site.

The developer claims that Itty bitty site provides a high degree of privacy. The content of the page is not stored on the server, and therefore no access even to the administrator. Moreover, most browsers will handle the link locally.

The maximum size of the URL depends on the capabilities of the service. Twitter or Slack can process up to 4,000 bytes, and the version of Chrome for Mac will cope with 10,000. It is possible to convert the link into a QR-code, provided its size does not exceed 2,610 bytes.

Jitkoff posted the source code for development on GitHub. The author offers several options for the practical application of Itty bitty site: to overcome the limitation of the number of characters in tweets, for placement on pages of ASCII graphics, small poems and even for application creation.

AngularJS to Angular Migration Tools to be Released

New tools are called ngMigration Assistant and ngMigration Forum
17 August 2018   244

The JS-development team AngularJS has released two customers' "helper" - ngMigration Assistant and Forum. The tools show which migration from AngularJS to Angular is correct, how to simplify the process as much as possible and avoid mistakes.

ngMigration Assistant is a command-line tool that analyzes any AngularJS application, regardless of size, and recommends an optimal migration path. It provides statistics on the complexity, size, and patterns of an app. Based on this data, the program offers a list of clear recommendations that simplify the transition from AngularJS to Angular, taking into account the size and complexity of the code.

You can find an example of using the ngMigration Assistant for the AngularJS phone catalog application below. Using the ngma command, registered in the directory, analysis is performed and recommendations are written.

Displaying ngMigration Assitant statistics
Displaying ngMigration Assitant statistics

Initially, the tool shows statistics of the available data, and after - the stages of preparation for migration to Angular.

NgMigration Assitant Recommendations
NgMigration Assitant Recommendations

The new ngMigration Forum collects up-to-date information on migration paths and tools that provide the transition from AngularJS to Angular. ngMigration Forum is a place for sharing experiences, solving problems and asking questions.

The last update of Angular 6.1 was released in late July 2018. In Angular, support for TypeScript 2.8 and 2.9 was added, as well as the ability to configure the router to store and restore the scrolling position