IBM to Acquire Red Hat

As reported, the amount of the transaction is about $ 34 billion
29 October 2018   639

IBM and Red Hat have signed a merger agreement. A Linux-based enterprise software development company officially became a division of IBM.

The main thing that interests IBM in the Red Hat experience is cloud solutions. The acquisition will allow the company to become the largest provider of hybrid cloud systems. And the open development model and support for the Red Hat product community will continue. The company will also continue work on open source projects and support the initiatives of the Patent Promise, the GPL Cooperation Commitment, the Invention Network and the LOT Network.

The amount of the transaction is about $ 34 billion. As expected, the transaction will be closed in the second quarter of 2019. Up to this point, Red Hat shareholders and antitrust services must approve it.

CEO Jim Whitehurst in a letter to all employees said that working with IBM will expand the audience and improve the company's results. According to him, the IBM and Red Hat conglomerate will be able to become the leading operator of cloud solutions in the world, as well as promote Open Source to a new level.

In October 2018, IBM introduced cloud services on the IBM Cloud platform. The company plans to attract developers and organizations to create personalized AI models, use cloud platform tools and exchange data.

TIOBE April 2019 to be Available

Top three are Java, C and C++, Python was pushed on the 4th place
11 April 2019   218

In April, C ++ pressed Python out of the top three and sent it on the fourth line. Experts say the reason is not a drop in interest in Python. On the contrary, from month to month interest in it is growing. Also, the popularity of C ++ is growing.

TIOBE Programming Community Index April 2019
TIOBE Programming Community Index April 2019

TIOBE experts recalled that once C ++ market share exceeded 15%. Difficulties with the release of new versions of the standard language provoked a drop in interest in C ++ and a reduction in this share. With the release of C ++ 11, C ++ 14 and C ++ 17, and most importantly, with their support by the main compilers, the popularity of the language began to revive.

TIOBE April 2019
TIOBE April 2019

The TIOBE ranking is compiled monthly based on the analysis of search queries in Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu. It reflects the popularity of programming languages, but not their quality.