ICON to Unveil P-Rep Candidates TestNet Launch Date

P-Rep or “public representative” is the community-selected ICON node operator with a lot of important functions
22 April 2019   475

The Korean blockchain project ICON on Monday announced the launch date of the test network for the P-Rep nodes and announced the start of accepting applications for participation in testing.

P-Rep or “public representative” is the community-selected ICON node operator, whose functions are to produce blocks, verify transactions, and vote for proposals regarding network management.

The test network is designed for P-Rep candidates and will allow them to get acquainted with the technical status of the nodes, as well as take part in simulating the activity, which will be the key to long-term stability of the ICON network.

Currently, applicants are invited to apply for participation in testing. On April 30, a test network will be launched, to which the ICON team will provide access to those who can qualify.

Fake ZecWallet to be Found at GitHub

According to the mine Zcash twitter account, the fake wallet has different size and checksum
21 October 2019   27

Representatives of the ZCash community discovered a potentially malicious fake version of the ZecWallet native wallet on GitHub.

Earlier in the Zcash protocol and most of its forks, a vulnerability was found that could reveal the IP address of a full node that owns a secure address (zaddr).