Investors initiated an investigation into Tezos

Boston law firm Block & Leviton LLP started the investigation of the Tezos case
23 October 2017   3134

The Swiss blockchain startup Tezos, having been in the spotlight last week due to internal conflict, has now become the object of an official investigation initiated by a number of investors in the ICO project. This is written by Merkle.

Investigation of the Tezos case was confirmed by the law firm Block & Leviton LLP based in Boston. The investigation is for the benefit of investors who took part in the ICO project last summer.

Having managed to attract more than $ 230 million within the crowdsale, the project encountered a number of problems, such as:

  • delay of the tokens launch;
  • internal conflict.

At the same time, the apparent lack of prospects for an early resolution of internal contradictions attracts even more attention to Tezos.

Concerns of investors about the current situation are understandable, since the future of the project is currently under big question.

Block & Leviton LLP recommends that all participants of ICO, who care about the fate of their investments, contact the company as soon as possible. At the moment, two lawyers are engaged in the investigation of the Tezos case, which are actively searching for persons who can provide them with information potentially useful for investigation.

Moreover, as it was made clear by Block & Leviton LLP, that it is possible that ICO Tezos was conducted in violation of securities laws. If this is confirmed, the situation for the project and its investors will only worsen.

Tezos positions itself as a network protocol for secure and time-ready smart contract systems. According to the founders of the project, Breitman, the platform focuses on such fundamental aspects as transparency, security and governance through consensus.

Dutch Crypto Startup Founder Busted

Komodore64 said they developed blockchain games and sold $86 000 000 worth K64 tokens, but investors don't receive any profit
13 November 2019   131

Dutch police arrested the founder of blockchain startup Komodore64, who allegedly raised $ 86 million from private investors. The company has already filed for bankruptcy, and investors and employees accuse it of fraud, according to Sprout.

Komodore64 developed blockchain games and invited investors to invest in the K64 native token. One of the investors, the newspaper writes, lost 600 thousand euros. As soon as partners and employees publicly stated that they had not received the promised fees, the company filed for bankruptcy.

Founder Sam Narain allegedly convinced investors that the startup supported the banking giant Goldman Sachs, but a group of bank representatives at one of the meetings turned out to be fraudulent.

In recent weeks, Narain has been living in the Hague Hilton, where he was hiding from angry investors. The names of his possible accomplices are still unknown, as is the fate of money.

Employees claim that only a party in honor of the launch of the project cost tens of thousands of euros.