IOTA comes to Munich

The IOTA meetup in Munich on May 30 is going to prequel the Blockchained Mobility Hackathon
26 May 2018   825

IOTA is holding a meetup right before the Blockchained Mobility Hackathon on May 30. The event will take place at the Stylight Atrium. The doors of the meetup are open for the participants of the hackathon as well as for those merely interested in mobility, Internet-of-Things and IOTA project itself.

There will 2 keynotes at the event:

  1. A brief use-cases introduction;
  2. A presentation on energy and mobility sector

A number of applications of the IOTA DLT in the mobility area will be showcased by a member of the IEN Tobias Zeitler. Following it, a member of IOTA Harm van den Brink will talk about the convergence of energy and mobility sectors as well as present a proof-of-concept of an IOTA charging station.

To learn more about the event, you can visit the official page here. At the moment of publication, IOTA market parameters are as follows:

Average price 1.52 USD
Market cap 4,231,278,950 USD
Volume (24H) 53,445,000 USD

PoWaaS For IOTA Wallets to be Released

A free solution called is designed for wallets and applications
27 August 2018   1187

The development team introduced a new PoWaaS client (PoW-as-a-service) for fast transactions IOTA network tranactions.

A free solution called is designed for wallets and applications, and also works in conjunction with a hardware accelerator for mining devices with weak computing power Pidiver.

Fast and efficient PoWaaS (PoW-as-a-service) for your IOTA wallet, MAM-stream or any IOTA usecase requiring fast transaction turnout. Don't overheat your CPU/GPU by doing IOTA PoW locally, instead use our solution to access consistently fast hashing power. Perfect for low-power IoT devices, mobile and desktop solutions.

Get more info at GitHub.