IOTA Mixer version 1 released

The Internet of Things cryptocurrency announced launch of the 1st version of Mixer application which is aimed at anonymity improvements
20 November 2017   1189

On November 20 IOTA made an announcement introducing the release of IOTA Mixer version 1 application. Initially plans to launch IOTA Mixer were mentioned in the report "Research on Private Transactions in IOTA" which was released on October 22, stating that its aim is to improve the anonymity and fungibility of IOTA and form the foundation of trustless solutions in the future.

PoWaaS For IOTA Wallets to be Released

A free solution called is designed for wallets and applications
27 August 2018   1498

The development team introduced a new PoWaaS client (PoW-as-a-service) for fast transactions IOTA network tranactions.

A free solution called is designed for wallets and applications, and also works in conjunction with a hardware accelerator for mining devices with weak computing power Pidiver.

Fast and efficient PoWaaS (PoW-as-a-service) for your IOTA wallet, MAM-stream or any IOTA usecase requiring fast transaction turnout. Don't overheat your CPU/GPU by doing IOTA PoW locally, instead use our solution to access consistently fast hashing power. Perfect for low-power IoT devices, mobile and desktop solutions.

Get more info at GitHub.