IOTA PoWbox Relaunched

PoWbox, which is a great help for developers, has some major improvements, but works similarly to the old Sandbox
01 March 2018   1773

On February 28, 2018, IOTA has announced that the new and improved IOTA PoWbox, which was previously IOTA Sandbox, was released and is ready for use. PoWbox is useful first of all for developers, as it allows Proof of Work to be done not on the developer’s local machine but on a separate remote server farm which does the computation in a fraction of the time.

IOTA powboxIOTA PoWbox

As it was stated in the official announcement of IOTA, PoWbox has some major improvements, but works similarly to the old Sandbox:

  • The PoWbox leverages Kubernetes autoscaling across IOTA dedicated GPU farm and a separate cloud provider, and takes less than a second in most cases — about one-tenth of a second at MWM=9
  • Users can get an API token for the IOTA PoWbox via GitHub OAuth integration, but they must have a verified GitHub account to use the PoWbox, and rate limiter will be observed and adjusted as necessary to keep the PoWbox available for everyone
  • The PoWbox code has been ported to Node.js to make it more accessible to more developers, and will soon be made available on GitHub, and the repo comes complete with instructions for running via Docker or Kubernetes with a few simple commands

The source code for the PoWbox server is available, and IOTA provides a PoWbox for the IOTA testnet.

IOTA Team to Fix Serious Mainnet Bug

At a certain point, the bug in IRI caused an actual shutdown of the main IOTA network, it was unavailable for more than 15 hours
30 December 2019   217

The developers of the IOTA crypto project this Monday announced the release of an updated version of the software for the basic implementation of the IRI v1.8.3 node, after a failure in their main network.

At a certain point, the bug caused an actual shutdown of the main IOTA network, while the rate of processed transactions dropped to zero. According to user observations, the network was unavailable for more than 15 hours.

There is an edge case where IRI didn't account for a transaction that was shared between two distinct bundles. Once it marked it as "counted" in one bundle, it was ignored for the next bundle. This lead to a corrupt ledger state.

GalRogozinski @ GitHub

Developer, IOTA

By the time of publication, the problem was resolved. Note owners need to restart their clients using the latest software version.