IOTA PoWbox Relaunched

PoWbox, which is a great help for developers, has some major improvements, but works similarly to the old Sandbox
01 March 2018   158

On February 28, 2018, IOTA has announced that the new and improved IOTA PoWbox, which was previously IOTA Sandbox, was released and is ready for use. PoWbox is useful first of all for developers, as it allows Proof of Work to be done not on the developer’s local machine but on a separate remote server farm which does the computation in a fraction of the time.

IOTA powboxIOTA PoWbox

As it was stated in the official announcement of IOTA, PoWbox has some major improvements, but works similarly to the old Sandbox:

  • The PoWbox leverages Kubernetes autoscaling across IOTA dedicated GPU farm and a separate cloud provider, and takes less than a second in most cases — about one-tenth of a second at MWM=9
  • Users can get an API token for the IOTA PoWbox via GitHub OAuth integration, but they must have a verified GitHub account to use the PoWbox, and rate limiter will be observed and adjusted as necessary to keep the PoWbox available for everyone
  • The PoWbox code has been ported to Node.js to make it more accessible to more developers, and will soon be made available on GitHub, and the repo comes complete with instructions for running via Docker or Kubernetes with a few simple commands

The source code for the PoWbox server is available, and IOTA provides a PoWbox for the IOTA testnet.

HitBTC Lists Stellar Lumens and Opens 3 Markets with IOTA

HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange listed Stellar Lumens and opened 3 new markets with IOTA token – against BTC, ETH and USDT
23 March 2018   50

HitBTC, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, announced Yesterday listing of Lumens (XLM), the asset of Stellar borderless payment network. The brainchild of Ripple founder Jed McCaleb, Stellar is an open-source distributed payments infrastructure, connecting financial institutions to reduce the cost and time required for cross-border transfers.

Like most decentralized payment technologies it relies on a network of servers to power a distributed ledger, but unlike Bitcoin, for example, it only uses a portion of the network to achieve consensus. This makes for much faster transactions, as well as lower transfer costs.

Steallar LumensStellar Lumens

Stellar greatly facilitates B2C and C2C payments, a necessary and long-awaited achievement in today’s world without borders. We are excited to provide HitBTC clients with the opportunity to trade Lumens on the exchange.


Paul Clarkson


Currently 9th by market cap, XLM has been climbing through the rankings in recent months and held on to its strong standing during the recent market correction. Tipped for big things in 2018, it is running at 511,209 BTC ($4,453,006,958) at the moment with the daily trading volume of about 6,900 BTC.

3 new markets with IOTA token – against BTC, ETH and USDT

The IOTA ecosystem has been specifically designed to give a backbone to the Internet of Things. As the ecosystem connects together billions of cyber-physical systems, providing a secure environment for them to store data and communicate, IOTA will facilitate swift and safe commission-free micropayments between devices.


One of the defining features of IOTA is the Tangle, a new distributed ledger architecture based on a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). This entirely new data structure is a radical departure from blockchain technology, in that it has no blocks, no chain, and no miners.

It is still a distributed database relying on peer to peer consensus and validation, but instead of blocks, each transaction references two past transactions, increasing the network’s processing capability while protecting system security. Not only does Tangle process transactions quickly, but also requires no miners or commissions, making it the first token with zero transaction fees.

The Tangle also holds promise for applications beyond the IoT, in other industries where secure data transmission is required, such as eGovernance and eVoting. IOTA is already backed by VW and Bosch, two companies at the forefront of IoT innovation.

All three markets are already active on HitBTC.

About HitBTC

HitBTC is a global trading platform with multi-currency support, operating since 2013.
The exchange has markets for trading various digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, USDT, and multiple tokens. HitBTC features a powerful kit of trading instruments as well as stable uptime.


The HitBTC platform was developed as a collaboration of software developers, finance professionals and experienced traders. Its core matching engine is among the most advanced technological products in its class and implements innovative features such as real-time clearing, advanced order matching algorithms and has been acclaimed for its fault-tolerance, uptime and high availability.