IOTA is skyrocketing

IOTA cryptocurrency rose 35% within past 24 hours and 139% within past week and it is still on the rise due to some significant events connected with IOTA crypto
03 December 2017   2287

IOTA cryptocurrency has been showing quite a steay price lately, but on December 3 its price significantly jumped. The currency has shown a 139% during past 7 days and a 35% increase during past 24 hours. The price of IOTA rose from $1,42 on December 2 to $2,2 on December 3 and the market capitalisation of the currency increased from $3,9 billion to $5,5 billion relatively.

IOTA charts december 2017IOTA Charts

Moreover, on December 3 IOTA passed all major cryptocurrencies with 24h Volume on Binance cryproexchange, moving to the 1st place, having reached the volume of more than $53 million a day, which is 3$ million more than Bitcoin did.

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What could lead to such a significant and unexpected price jump of IOTA is that IOTA made an announcement in the official twitter account stating that the IOTA Simulation Environment of a decentralized Smart City Charging Network based on IOTA was released. As it is stated in the annoucement, the environment is able to simulate hundreds of nodes virtually to boost real-world deployment preparations.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of IOTA:

  • Average price: $1.92
  • Marketcap: $5 336 559 167
  • 24h volume: $354 563 000

Previously, we reported that IOTA launched first cryptocurrency market for the IoT and that IOTA might introduce e-currency in the future.

Jaguar Land Rover to Partner With IOTA

As their ultimate goal, developers call the reduction of accidents and traffic congestion; these news had great impact on token's price
29 April 2019   274

The largest British automaker Jaguar Land Rover has started testing smart contracts based on the IOTA blockchain. According to Reuters, the program being developed is a smart wallet embedded in cars.

The new service will allow participants to receive IOTA tokens for providing information about road congestion and road pavement status, as well as for participating in the ridesharing program. Subsequently, drivers will be able to spend them on paying for parking or charging electric cars.

As their ultimate goal, developers call the reduction of accidents and traffic congestion.

It is known that this technology will be used in Jaguar F-PACE and Range Rover Velar. The launch date of the software for the mass consumer is unknown.

IOTA 24h Price Chart
IOTA 24h Price Chart

These news had great impact on the IOTA price. It rose for almost 14% in 24 hours and is being traded around $0.3.