IOTA is skyrocketing

IOTA cryptocurrency rose 35% within past 24 hours and 139% within past week and it is still on the rise due to some significant events connected with IOTA crypto
03 December 2017   2046

IOTA cryptocurrency has been showing quite a steay price lately, but on December 3 its price significantly jumped. The currency has shown a 139% during past 7 days and a 35% increase during past 24 hours. The price of IOTA rose from $1,42 on December 2 to $2,2 on December 3 and the market capitalisation of the currency increased from $3,9 billion to $5,5 billion relatively.

IOTA charts december 2017IOTA Charts

Moreover, on December 3 IOTA passed all major cryptocurrencies with 24h Volume on Binance cryproexchange, moving to the 1st place, having reached the volume of more than $53 million a day, which is 3$ million more than Bitcoin did.

Binance markets cryptocurrenciesBinance active markets list

What could lead to such a significant and unexpected price jump of IOTA is that IOTA made an announcement in the official twitter account stating that the IOTA Simulation Environment of a decentralized Smart City Charging Network based on IOTA was released. As it is stated in the annoucement, the environment is able to simulate hundreds of nodes virtually to boost real-world deployment preparations.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of IOTA:

  • Average price: $1.92
  • Marketcap: $5 336 559 167
  • 24h volume: $354 563 000

Previously, we reported that IOTA launched first cryptocurrency market for the IoT and that IOTA might introduce e-currency in the future.

PoWaaS For IOTA Wallets to be Released

A free solution called is designed for wallets and applications
27 August 2018   1144

The development team introduced a new PoWaaS client (PoW-as-a-service) for fast transactions IOTA network tranactions.

A free solution called is designed for wallets and applications, and also works in conjunction with a hardware accelerator for mining devices with weak computing power Pidiver.

Fast and efficient PoWaaS (PoW-as-a-service) for your IOTA wallet, MAM-stream or any IOTA usecase requiring fast transaction turnout. Don't overheat your CPU/GPU by doing IOTA PoW locally, instead use our solution to access consistently fast hashing power. Perfect for low-power IoT devices, mobile and desktop solutions.

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