Israeli BTC services blocked due to watchdog's request

Israeli bank Leumi blocked transactions of popular cryptocurrency services
11 December 2017   1223

Such a decision is explained by the directive of the country's financial regulator to combat illegal gambling. This is reported by the Finance Magnates.

In particular, users reported that they received warnings about the impossibility of transferring payments to Bitcoin Service Coinmama using the bank's issued Leumi payment card. In the telephone mode, the bank's employees reported that the service was classified as a gambling site.

It should be noted that this information was confirmed in the bank's official letter to its clients.

As part of the framework of ongoing security activity and in light of the explicit instructions of the Bank of Israel (in accordance with the law prohibiting gambling in the State of Israel), Leumi Card monitors and blocks websites that execute gambling transactions. Leumi Card holders are not permitted to make transactions through them.

Leumi Letter

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Agency for Securities of Israel Shmuel Houser recently compared the fascination with crypto-currency with the gold rush of the XIX century. In doing so, he distinguished between bitcoin, blockchain technology and ICO.

Recall, in late November, the Ministry of Finance of Israel announced the formation of a working group on the study of digital currencies, which will include the heads of major audit firms and professional agencies

Bitfury to Unveil BTC's Lightning Network Tools

An open-sourced LN wallet, software and hardware payment acceptance solutions, etc
23 January 2019   77

Bitfury Group presented a number of tools designed to foster the development of the Lightning Network (LN), CoinDesk reports.

Among them: an open-sourced LN wallet, software and hardware payment acceptance solutions for merchants and payment processing. The company also introduced tools for developers and an open-source LN node called The Peach.

According to Bitfury representatives, all these tools are designed to make working with a second-level network easier and more convenient for companies and ordinary users. New products created by the Lightning Peach team.

By providing these products to the market, Bitfury is encouraging worldwide adoption of this technology and providing unparalleled support to consumers and merchants.

Valery Vavilov

CEO, Bitfury

Among other things, last week Bitfury added support for LN solutions on the BTCBIT cryptocurrency exchange.