Jan 23: New Crypto Listings on Exchanges

From this article you will learn which cryptocurrencies are listed on exchanges on January 23 of 2018
23 January 2018   4099

There is a non-stop turnover of cryptocurrencies on the popular crypto exchanges, and there are a lot of digital coins and tokens being listed on the exchanges every day. From this article you will get to know which currencies and trading pairs will be added to the exchanges on January 23 of 2018.

1. Qlink (QLC)

Exchange: Tidebit

Qlink, a decentralized mobile network, is dedicated to constructing an open-source telecom infrastructure on blockchain. It is a decentralized global Wi-Fi sharing network, where users can share their Wi-Fi hotspot and be rewarded with QLC Tokens, and a decentralized billing system as users can purchase mobile data for content distribution.

Qlink Charts January 2018Qlink Charts

Crypto Exchange: Tidebit
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $0,352688
Market Cap Jan 23: $84 645 120
24h Volume Jan 23: $1 165 220
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2. HelloGold (HGT)

Exchange: Gatecoin

Ethos of HelloGold uses technology to digitise and democratise real assets - starting with gold. Creating products with no barriers to entry and addressing the needs of savers and investors alike. GOLDX, its launch product, will provide the modern-day crypto-investor with the world's oldest stablecoin.

HelloGold ChartsHelloGold Charts

Crypto Exchange: Gatecoin
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $0,196678
Market Cap Jan 23: $51 733 130
24h Volume Jan 23: $663 740
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Exchange: Binance

PIVX is a multifaceted community-centric endeavor in the blockchain tech and cryptocurrency realms. PIVX is a transactional security and privacy-focused decentralized open source cryptocurrency. It means that at its core, PIVX is designed, engineered, and evolving with the best practices and developments to ensure the transactional security and privacy.

PIVX ChartsPIVX Charts

Crypto Exchange: Gatecoin
Category: coin
Price at the moment of press: $12,12
Market Cap Jan 23: $671 598 857
24h Volume Jan 23: $199 116 000 
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4. Snovio (SNOV)

Exchange: Bibox

Snovio is transforming into a unique decentralized lead sourcing platform, combining SaaS and marketplace models fueled with SNOV tokens, which is fundamental for introducing an innovative approach to lead generation and sourcing. All transactions on the platform will be conducted via the smart contract, and stored on the blockchain.

Snovio ChartsSnovio Charts

Crypto Exchange: Bibox
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $0,097137
Market Cap Jan 23: $39 340 741
24h Volume Jan 23: $662 551
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China to Finance Hacker Attacks on Exchanges, - FireEye

Experts believe that the victims of APT41 are industry participants, the development of which is a priority in the current Chinese five-year period
08 August 2019   262

The hacker group APT41 attacks companies in the areas of healthcare, telecommunications, fintech, media, and cryptocurrency exchanges. This activity is funded by the Chinese government, according to analysts of cybersecurity company FireEye.

Experts believe that the victims of APT41 are industry participants, the development of which is a priority in the current Chinese five-year period.

Industries Targeted by APT41
Industries Targeted by APT41

At the same time, APT41 pursues its own goals, extracting financial benefits from attacks, which is unusual for other groups under the Chinese government, according to FireEye.

APT41 is known to include at least two people with the pseudonyms Chzan Xuiguan and Wolfji. The group probably has connections with other hacker organizations like BARIUM and Winnti.

FireEye also evaluated at what time of the day the APT41 attacked the gaming industry (its core target) and businesses from other areas. It turned out that this was happening outside the framework of a standard working day - probably these people, among other things, have the main job.

APT41 Operational Times
APT41 Operational Times

According to the UN Security Council, hackers under the DPRK government stole about $ 2 billion from banking institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges.