Jan 25: New Crypto Listings on Exchanges

From this article you will learn which cryptocurrencies are listed on exchanges on January 25 of 2018
25 January 2018   1195

There is a non-stop turnover of cryptocurrencies on the popular crypto exchanges, and there are a lot of digital coins and tokens being listed on the exchanges every day. From this article you will get to know which currencies and trading pairs will be added to the exchanges on January 25 of 2018.


Exchange: Bitfinex

Tron is a decentralized content entertainment protocol based on blockchain technology. Bitfinex already started deposit of TRX at 15:30PM, UTC on January 24, and TRX will be tradable against BTC, ETH & USD as of 16:00PM, UTC on January 25.

TROn chartsTRON Charts

Crypto Exchange: Bitfinex
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $0,070200
Marketcap Jan 25: $4 615 496 813
24h Volume Jan 25: $543 262 000
Website and Explorer

2. INS Ecosystem (INS)

Exchange: Cobinhood

INS Ecosystem ChartsINS Ecosystem Charts

Crypto Exchange: Cobinhood
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $5,15
Marketcap Jan 25: $143 235 849
24h Volume Jan 25: $7 381 120
Website and Explorer

3. All Sports Coin (SOC)

Exchange: OKex

All Sports blockchain is based on All Sports Coin and makes use of blockchain technology, which combines application and business situations of sports industry and sports ecological chain. With help of smart contracts and token systems, it offers both convenient payment and settlement and application development agreement for developers, including sports information and community open platforms, sports IP asset trading and promoting platforms, guessing entertainment platforms, application open platforms and so on.

OKex launches SOCOKex launches SOC

Crypto Exchange: OKex
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: 1ETH = 26086 SOC
Website and Whitepaper

4. Bitcoin Atom (BCA)

Exchange: Yobit

BCA network is additionally secured by utilizing the so-called hybrid consensus: both PoW and PoS models are put in place, increasing network stability and reducing the power of miners, hence lowering the 51% attack probability.

Bitcoin Atom futures charts Bitcoin Atom Futures Charts

Crypto Exchange: Yobit
Category: coin
Price of the futures at the moment of press: $96,73
24h Volume of the futures Jan 25: $2 207 130
Website and Source Code

5. Red Pulse (RPX)

Exchange: Coinrail

Red Pulse is an event-driven research firm covering market events impacting Chinese companies, sectors and the overall economy. It delivers this in real-time via web portal red-pulse.com, iOS app, email and partner distribution platforms, giving analysts, investors, traders and advisers the edge they need to make better informed decisions.

Red Pulse ChartsRed Pulse Charts

Crypto Exchange: Coinrail
Price at the moment of press: $0,333539
Market Cap Jan 25: $181 046 437
24h Volume Jan 25: $5 902 230
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Jan 25: New Trading Pairs

Exchange: Livecoin

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Crypto-to-Crypto Trading to be launched at Zebpay

Leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange, Zebpay, has presented crypto-to-crypto trading on its platform
25 April 2018   82

Indian exchange Zebpay has started its first crypto-to-crypto trading pair. Instituted in 2015 and headquartered in Mumbai, Zebpay states to be India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. In March, the firm declared that its app had more than 3  million downloads, “making it the most downloaded cryptocurrency app on both iOS and Android in India.”

Zebpay is excited to announce the launch of crypto-to-crypto trading. Now, you can easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another…The first pair we’re introducing is ETH/BTC. More crypto pairs coming soon. Crypto-to-crypto trading feature will be available in the new app update: Android version 2.0.14 and iOS version 2.0.24. 
Zebpay, Cryptocurrency Exchange, India

Crypto-to-crypto trading startup at Zebpay ensues the statements by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), according to which banks and financial institutions under its regulation are prohibited from providing services to cryptocurrency exchanges.

The exchange representatives also declare they stay committed to keeping customer funds and assets secure, and are researching different options:

However, a sudden disruption in banking services could affect our ability to service deposits and withdrawals, until banking services are restored. Please keep this risk factor in mind while making your investment decisions. 
Zebpay, Cryptocurrency Exchange, India

The crypto community has been increasing in India. According to Zebpay, while it is estimated that 10 million Indians are investing in financial markets, 5 million Indians are claimed to be trading cryptocurrencies.

Looking at the Indian milieu, people have started looking at cryptocurrencies not only as an investment option but as a technology that is about to change the future of money. 
Mahin Gupta, CTO, Zebpay

Last month the exchange also collaborated with one of India’s largest tax filing platforms in order to help taxpayers with crypto-related taxes.