Jan 26: New Crypto Listings on Exchanges

From this article you will learn which cryptocurrencies are listed on exchanges on January 26 of 2018
26 January 2018   4078

There is a non-stop turnover of cryptocurrencies on the popular crypto exchanges, and there are a lot of digital coins and tokens being listed on the exchanges every day. From this article you will get to know which currencies and trading pairs will be added to the exchanges on January 26 of 2018.

1. Litecoin (LTC)

Exchange: Zebpay

Litecoin is a global decentralized currency based on blockchain technology and can be easily purchased and sold on a number of exchanges using all types of currencies. Litecoin can be identified on exchanges under currency symbols LTC or XLT. 

Litecoin ChartsLitecoin Charts

Crypto Exchange: Zebpay
Category: coin
Price at the moment of press: $169,41
Marketcap Jan 26: $9 305 370 541
24h Volume Jan 26: $358 386 000
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2. XEM/USDT Pair

Exchange: Huobi Pro 

NEM’s blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. NEM’s permissioned private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers. And its revolutionary consensus mechanism and the Supernode program ensure that NEM’s open, public blockchain can grow without ever compromising throughput or stability.

NEM charts january 2018NEM Charts 

Crypto Exchange: Huobi Pro
Category: coin
Price at the moment of press: $0,780509
Marketcap Jan 26: $7 024 580 999
24h Volume Jan 26: $116 830 000
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3. Zilliqa (ZIL)

Exchange: Huobi Pro

Zilliqa is the world's first high-throughput public blockchain platform - designed to scale to thousands ​of transactions per second. Zilliqa brings the theory of sharding to practice with its novel protocol that increases transaction rates as its network expands. The platform is tailored towards enabling secure data-driven decentralised apps, designed to meet the scaling requirements of machine learning and financial algorithms.

Zilliqa Charts January 2018Zilliqa Charts 

Crypto Exchange: Huobi Pro
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $0,106408
24h Volume Jan 26: $9 381 420
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4. All Sports Coin (SOC)

Exchange: Huobi Pro

All Sports blockchain is based on All Sports Coin and makes use of blockchain technology, which combines application and business situations of sports industry and sports ecological chain. With help of smart contracts and token systems, it offers both convenient payment and settlement and application development agreement for developers, including sports information and community open platforms, sports IP asset trading and promoting platforms, guessing entertainment platforms, application open platforms and so on.

Huobi announcement regarding SOCHuobi Pro Announcement regarding SOC listing 

Crypto Exchange: Huobi Pro
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: 1ETH = 26086 SOC
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5. Energy Eco Chain (EET)

Exchange: HitBTC

EnergyEcoChain provides platform for energy supply chain finance, and payment/settlement services for decentralized energy product trading.

Energy Eco Chain
Energy Eco Chain Announcement

Crypto Exchange: HitBTC
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: 1 EET = 0.0041ETH
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Exchange: GOPAX

QASH aims to be the preferred payment token for financial services, like the Bitcoin for financial services. As more financial institutions, fintech startups and partners adopt QASH as a method of payment, the utility of QASH will scale, fueling the Fintech revolution.

QASH ChartsQASH Charts 

Crypto Exchange: GOPAX
Category: token 
Price at the moment of press: $1,30 
Marketcap Jan 26: $454 685 000
24h Volume Jan 26: $19 114 100
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7. Ripple (XRP)


Ripple connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally.

Ripple charts january 2018Ripple Charts

Crypto Exchanges: GOPAX, QUOINEX
Category: coin
Price at the moment of press: $1,23
Marketcap Jan 26: $47 696 794 803
24h Volume Jan 26: $1 637 230 000
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8. iXlegder (IXT)

Exchange: QRYPTOS

iXledger is a groundbreaking alternative marketplace for insurance. The peer-to-peer platform facilitates improved customer service, fuels new efficient business models, drives faster transactions and reduces risk through data access and collaboration.

iXledger Charts January 2018iXledger Charts

Crypto Exchanges: QRYPTOS
Category: token
Price at the moment of press: $1,73
Marketcap Jan 26: $61 979 691
24h Volume Jan 26: $1 524 520
Website and Explorer

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eToro to List TRON

Tron became the 15th asset available at eToro; it can be purchased through various payment systems
25 March 2019   65

The eToro social investment platform, with more than 10 million users, has added support for Tron cryptocurrency (TRX).

The news of this, in particular, was shared by the founder of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun.

According to him, Tron became the 15th asset available at eToro. The digital asset can be purchased through various payment systems, including Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, Webmoney, PayPal, Yandex.Money, etc.

The eToro blog says that TRX also supports the CryptoPortfolio service, which allows investors to create diversified portfolios in one click.

In addition to Tron cryptocurrency on eToro, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Stellar, NEO, EOS, Cardano, IOTA, Binance Coin (BNB) and ZCash are available.