Japan will use blockchain in energy management

1000 households from the cities of Fukushima, Aizuwakamatsu and other prefectural settlements will take part in blockchain based energy experiement
04 September 2017   1586

Tokyo energy company Eneres, with the support of the authorities of the Fukushima prefecture, is testing the capabilities of the distributed registry technology for its application in renewable energy, and in particular, for building "smart micro networks" on the blockchain. This is reported by the Nikkei Asian Review.

The purpose of the experiment is to study the possibility of building a shared energy economy. According to the plan of the developers, thanks to the technology of the blockchain house households with installed solar panels and other sources of renewable energy will be able to share the surplus of energy with other members of the network, while receiving a certain reward.

The experiment will involve 1000 households from the cities of Fukushima, Aizuwakamatsu and other prefectural settlements. The results of testing the new solution will be presented in January next year.

Also, the developer of the Aizu Laboratory software will participate in the experiment. In particular, the startup will provide a solution that allows people to record transactions in the power network.

MEW to Launch KYC-less Crypto Withdrawal

Service is available in Euro and Francs to all bank account holders with an international bank account number (IBAN)
21 February 2019   77

MyEtherWallet, a popular cryptocurrency wallet, in collaboration with the Swiss company Bity, introduced the Fiat service, which allows you to exchange digital assets for euros and Swiss francs without verification.

It is noted that the service is available to all bank account holders with an international bank account number (IBAN).

Bity is able to offer this kind of KYC-less Exit-to-Fiat gateway because it is compliant with the Swiss Anti Money Laundering Ordinance (AMLA). This, along with technology that helps verify proof of wallet-ownership, allows Bity to realize the friendliest kind of user experience — frictionless, secure AND regulatory compliant.

MyEtherWallet Team

To use Exit-to-Fiat, the user must specify Bity as the service provider in the asset exchange section. You will also need to provide a phone number, bank account details and a billing address.

This information is transmitted to Bity to comply with legal requirements and is not stored by MyEtherWallet.

The maximum transaction size is limited to 5,000 francs (about $ 5,000).