Japanese GMO Internet Designs 12 nm Mining Chip

GMO Internet is working on research and development of a 7 nm process technology for chips to be used in the mining process
24 January 2018   828

The Japanese giant GMO Internet announced on Monday that it is currently developing cutting-edge 7 nm process technologies for chips to be used in the mining process.

According to the company, it succeeded in developing a new 12 nm FFC (Fin FET Compact) process based mining chip (12 nm FFC mining chip). The company currently working on research and development with partner who possesses semiconductor design technology to realize next-generation mining board, the company said.

GMO Internet is also completed validation of SHA256 logic circuit, an encryption algorithm used in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Company announced that it will not sell mining boards equipped with 12 nm FFC process based mining chips and it will continue to work on research and development of a 7 nm process technology for chips to be used in the mining process.

GMO Internet also launched on Monday Z.com Cloud BlockChain, a PaaS  type blockchain platform that allows building decentralized Apps on Ethereum blockchain. The service has been in Beta since December 2016.

Microsoft Word Has Mining Vulnerability, Votiro Says

According to researhers, vulnerability is caused by the new feature of Microsoft Word
22 February 2018   53

Java mining scripts for Monero can be run inside Word documents. This became possible thanks to a new feature that appeared in the latest versions of Microsoft Office products. It allows you to add text to the video using the iframe insertion code. The file itself does not become harder, because the view is done online. This is reporte by Block Tribune.

The problem was noticed by a researcher from the Israeli company Votiro Amit Dori. He writes that the video player is actually a disguised Internet Explorer browser that operates in an offline mode. In addition, Word allows you to insert links to any site on the Internet, even if it is not in the white list.

You can protect yourself by maintaining an up-to-date machine with all security patches and updates installed. Furthermore, if you spot a serious CPU rise while watching an online video in Word, be aware it might be an in-browser miner and close the video frame.

Amit Dori

Security researcher, Votiro

The scammer can place the video in his own domain, adding to it a Java-script for mining. It is worth the user to click on the playback, as the crypto miner starts to mine Monero, parasitizing on the power of its processor.