Java 9 preview

The Virtual Java Users Group discuss the future release of Java 9 and Java 8 EE
14 August 2017   1154

Java 9 will be released very shortly, and in this video JUG participants from around the world discuss the details of upcoming release. You can learn about some of the Java 9 new features, integration information, along with tips and tricks. Presenters include Simon Maple, Robert Scholte and Josh Juneau. 

Java EE 8 is close to release too, so, there will be short info about this version too. You are able to view the examples which will help you to start using new Java EE 8 features quickly.

So, what's in this video?

  •  High level overview of the Java 9 release
  • "The Pragmatic Developer’s Guide to Java 9” by Simon Maple and Oleg Shelajev 
  • "Java 9 performance" by Jonathan Ross
  • "Java 9 and the impact on Maven projects” by Robert Scholte"
  • Discussion panel, Q&A, Top Java 9 features

What is vJUG? 

vJUG is the first online Java Users Group. It allows for anyone from everywhere in the world to join and discuss all Java related topics. 

Sonatype to Create Vulnerability Checker Tool

New tool is called DepShield and available in the "Security" section of the GitHub Marketplace
16 August 2018   110

Sonatype has introduced a tool for developers called DepShield, which checks the code on GitHub for vulnerabilities.

The free version of the service is looking for vulnerabilities in the OSS Index database and gives recommendations on how to fix them. In the commercial version, you can configure automatic fixing of problems. Also in DepShield there are:

  • work with the Apache Maven framework;
  • View a list of known vulnerabilities in GitHub's Issue Tracker;
  • determine the range of versions for each vulnerability.


DepShield is available in the "Security" section of the GitHub Marketplace.

GitHub has introduced two new features that will help improve security and simplify the recovery of accounts. For this, the company recommends setting a strong password and two-factor authentication.