Java static methods in Kotlin

 The best way to represent a static Java method in Kotlin
11 September 2017   3933

You can place the function in the "companion object"

So the java code like this:

class Foo { public static int a() { return 1; } }

will become

class Foo { companion object { fun a() : Int = 1 } }

What is Companion Objects?

An object declaration inside a class can be marked with the companion keyword:

class MyClass {
   companion object Factory {
       fun create(): MyClass = MyClass()

Members of the companion object can be called by using simply the class name as the qualifier:

val instance = MyClass.create()

However, on the JVM you can have members of companion objects generated as real static methods and fields, if you use the @JvmStatic annotation. See the Java interoperability section for more details.

Firefox Preview to Get Add-Ons Support

This is the new mobile browser that is based on the GeckoView engine and the Mozilla Android Components library set
06 February 2020   522

Mozilla developers have added support for add-ons to the codebase of the Firefox Preview mobile browser (Fenix), which is being developed to replace the Firefox edition for the Android platform. The new browser is based on the GeckoView engine and the Mozilla Android Components library set.

The ability to connect add-ons based on the WebExtension API is available for testing in the nightly builds of Firefox Preview. The item "Add-ons Manager" appeared in the menu, which shows the add-ons available for installation. In its current form, only uBlock Origin is present in the list of add-ons compatible with Firefox Preview. Support for other add-ons is expected later.

Get more at the official blog.