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31 May 2017   4015

JavaScript is a lightweight interpreted or JIT-compiled programming language with first-class functions.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages. Billions of products use this technology. JS developers are always in demand. 

There are tons of different tutorials, books and guides for specialist of any skill level. Sometimes it is hard to find a good guide.

In this article, we represent a list of JavaScript tutorials for programmers of any skill level.

JavaScript Garden

JavaScript Garden interfaceJavaScript Garden interface

JavaScript Garden is multilingual, regularly updated and rapidly growing documentation database on the most «tricky» sections of the JavaScript. Skilled developer will find tips how to avoid a lot of mistakes and predict the appearance of certain bugs. This documentation highlights the problems of optimization and non-recommended practices which, even advanced JavaScript programmers may encounter. interface


Constantly updating information base about JavaScript. Will fit for every level of developer. Very handy navigation using the search bar. Materials are easy to read and they explain modern JS in a simple way.

JavaScript Guide at MDN

JavaScript Guide at MDN interfaceJavaScript Guide at MDN interface


Big guide written and edited by Mozilla’s creators. Convenient navigation, examples for every topic. Version for «pros» available here.

W3Scholl JavaScript section

W3Scholl JavaScript sectionW3Scholl JavaScript section


Big JS’s section on a popular tutorial web portal. A lot of interactive examples and DIY-tasks that will fit for a beginner. Skilled coder can use it as handy directory. 

TutorialsPoint JavaScript's section

TutorialsPoint JavaScript's section interfaceTutorialsPoint JavaScript's section interface


JavaScript’s part at the TutorialsPoint - on of the biggest guide collections on the web.  This tutorial has been prepared for JavaScript junior developers to help them understand the basis of JS to build dynamic web-pages and applications. Good usability, a lot of information with examples, shapely structure of a guide.


JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition  
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition


Last edition of the «bible of javascript developer» by David Flanagan. A programmer’s guide that combines the basis of the language with the client side of the JavaScript API depending on the web browser. Desk-book for every JavaScript specialist. Available here.

You Don't Know JS (book series)

You Don't Know JS (book series)
You Don't Know JS (book series)   


Series of small books written for JavaScript developers by Kyle Simpson and published by O'Reilly.

  • Up & Going;
  • Scope & Closures;
  • This & Object Prototypes;
  • Types & Grammar;
  • Async & Performance;
  • Es6 & Beyond. 

Well structured, simply written material, without excess "water and milk". "Up & Going" will fit for a junior developer. Available online for free and printed version for sale here.

JavaScript Books Listing

JavaScript Books Listing webpage
JavaScript Books Listing webpage


Big list of free JavaScript books. Website have sorting by reader’s experience. More than 60 books available for all types of readers. 

Most helpful tutorial for you?

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages. Billions of products use this technology and JS developers are always in demand.  There are tons of different tutorials, books and guides for specialist of any skill level. Sometimes it is hard to find a good guide. What JS tutorial is the most helpful for you?


JavaScript Guide at MDN
35% (11 votes)
You Don’t Know JS (book series)
23% (7 votes)
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition
16% (5 votes)
13% (4 votes)
W3Scholl JavaScript section
6% (2 votes)
JavaScript Garden
6% (2 votes)
TutorialsPoint JavaScript’s section
3% (1 vote)
JavaScript Books Listing
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 31

Microsoft to Use Chromium for Edge Browser

The company has already placed the repository on GitHub to attract new members to the development of the browser
07 December 2018   147

Microsoft Vice President Joe Belfiore said that from December 6, 2018, the company will use the Chromium engine in the Microsoft Edge browser. According to him, Microsoft also plans to develop browsers for smartphones and other devices.

The company has already placed the repository on GitHub to attract new members to the development of the browser. Microsoft expects that the transition to the new engine will be a big step in the development of Microsoft Edge. For example, the browser will finally be adapted for macOS.

According to Belfiore, the company plans to improve the project in three areas:

  • Users will get hardware integration, improved browser compatibility with sites and reduced power consumption of devices when using it.
  • Web developers will appreciate the reduced fragmentation of a web platform for testing sites.
  • The corporate IT sector will get the compatibility of old and new Windows applications that run in the browser.

He noted that during the year the company would work “under the hood” of Microsoft Edge, and named several key stages of this process. For example, the transition to a platform compatible with the Chromium engine for developing a desktop version of the browser. It is also planned that most platforms and all versions of Windows will support Microsoft Edge.