JetBrains' Outdated License Servers Support Suspended

The changes are related to the revision of the license data exchange protocol
25 July 2018   3341

JetBrains announced that its products will no longer support outdated license servers. These are the development environments for versions 2018.2.1 and the .NET 2018.3 tools. The specified software will no longer receive confirmation of the license from obsolete servers. are supported servers must have version 16429 from March 19, 2018 and higher.

The changes are related to the revision of the license data exchange protocol. Previous versions of IDE and .NET tools will continue to work with older licensing services.

The developers described in detail the process of updating license servers. In case of any questions, the company suggests contacting the sales department for assistance. For information on the functioning of the old licensing services, you will have to fill in the appropriate form.

PowerShell 7.0 to be Available

The new major version of the cross-platform automation tool and configuration framework brings a lot of changes and improvements
05 March 2020   181

Microsoft introduced the release of the PowerShell 7.0 command shell, the source code of which was opened in 2016 under the MIT license. A new shell release has been prepared not only for Windows, but also for Linux and macOS.

PowerShell is optimized to automate command line operations and provides built-in tools for processing structured data in formats such as JSON, CSV and XML, and also supports REST APIs and object models. In addition to the command shell, an object-oriented language for scripting and a set of utilities for managing modules and scripts are offered. Starting with the PowerShell 6 branch, the project has been developing using the .NET Core platform. By default, PowerShell transfers telemetry with the OS description and version of the program (to disable telemetry, you must set the environment variable POWERSHELL_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT = 1 before starting).

Among the innovations added in PowerShell 7.0:

  • Support for channel parallelization using the "ForEach-Object -Parallel" construction;
  • Conditional assignment operator "a? B: c";
  • Conditional stream start operators "||" and "&&" (for example, cmd1 && cmd2, the second command will be executed only if the first is successful);
  • Logical operators "??" and "?? =", which return the right operand if the left operand is NULL (for example, a = b ?? "default string" if b is null, the operator will return the drain with the default value).
  • Improved system for dynamic error viewing (Get-Error cmdl);
  • Layer for compatibility with modules for Windows PowerShell;
  • Automatically display notification of a new version;
  • Ability to call DSC (Desired State Configuration) resources directly from PowerShell.

Get more at the official blog and GitHub.