JetBrains to Release AppCode 2018.2

Great news for macOS and iOS developers all over the world
10 August 2018   1399

JetBrains has published an update to AppCode - IDE for the development of iOS and macOS applications. In the new version, interface icons have been changed, a plug-in for working with databases has been added, and support for the Touch Bar has been implemented.


  • The function of selection of closure is added. To do this, select the desired code, press the ^T keys and select Closure from the drop-down menu. The parameters are renamed and their names changed in the following way
  • Renaming now occurs without displaying additional dialogs. The function works correctly for:
    • Objective C arguments;
    • the names of the classes exported from Swift to Objective C using the @objc attribute;
    • Swift keywords used to declare an enumeration in Objective C;
    • parameter declarations in Objective C that are converted to Swift using a set of heuristic rules.
  • Implemented autocomplete: when you type "?" Or "!", The IDE automatically inserts the option immediately after the currently selected item.
  • Hints for autocomplete Swift attributes are also available when typing @:
  • The use of the navigation chain now transfers to the desired code fragment.
  • Comments to the documentation are displayed in the Structure panel (⌘7) and the Class / Symbol pop-up windows (⌘0 / ⌥⌘0):
  • You can create stub methods for parameters with the names of superclasses and protocols, as well as for the properties that are changed and the selected protocol parameters that are not in the superclass.
  • The Add / Remove menu added to AppCode 2017.3 can be used for Swift iterations: 

Debugger and assembly messages:

  • AppCode now performs the processing of LLDB scripts (for example, Chisel).
  • You can add an interrupt point by pressing the ⌥⏎ key combination: 
  • Added the Information for the names of the target platform when assembling
  • Messages about run-time run steps are collected in the drop-down menu and do not close information about the progress of the assembly:

Database and Touch Bar support

  • Added a database support plugin, which includes management of SQL and databases from JetBrains DataGrip.
  • Run, collect and update the project, troubleshoot, and make changes made possible from the touch panel Touch Bar. Functions are configured in Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars | Touch Bar.
  • Version control and interface
  • Added the ability to open an unlimited number of VCS Log tabs.
  • You can remove a tag from the git repository commit using the context menu of the Log tab.
  • The required repository component is opened in the Project Tool Window using the Browse Repository at Revision.
  • Skipping the Push dialog when using Commit and Push is configured in Preferences | Version Control | Git
  • Redesigned interface icons

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In late July 2018, JetBrains released an update for the PhpStorm development environment and introduced a new version of DataGrip. In addition, the company reported the termination of support for obsolete license servers.

Apple to Relaese Swift 5

Official builds are prepared for Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04) and macOS (Xcode)
27 March 2019   1011

After a year of development, Apple released the update of the Swift v. 5. Official builds are prepared for Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.04) and macOS (Xcode). The source code is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.

The new version has ABI stabilized for macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS platforms. It is possible to deliver new versions of libraries without recompiling applications. In the standard library, the internal representation of strings is translated to UTF-8 encoding. Improved support for raw text (with special characters and line breaks) in string literals. New type for Result error handlers and SIMD vector type added. The possibilities for interpolating strings with the String type (text selection from arbitrary data) are expanded. The performance of the Dictionary and Set types has been increased.

The package manager provides support for mirroring dependencies, associating assembly parameters with a target platform, generating coverage data, and defining custom requirements for supported target platforms. The ability to import libraries into the REPL without assembly in the format of executable files has been added to the "swift run" command.

Get more info at official website