JetBrains to Release GoLand 2018.2

New version of popular Goland IDE brings improvements and new interesting features; scroll down to get more info
27 July 2018   255

The development team from JetBrains introduced a new version of the IDE for the Go programming language - GoLand 2018.2. A large summer update brought support for individual Go-modules, improved Move-refactoring, new Postfix templates and an improved debugger.

GoLand 2018.2 Features:

  • Integration with separate Go-modules (vgo) is available.
  • Move-refactoring has received a new dialog box that indicates whether or not to use the identifier, as well as the ability to move characters between packets.

GoLand Move-refactoring
GoLand Move-refactoring

  • There are new tools for rapid error correction: one for converting the value to the required type depending on the language requirements and the second, adding the missing methods.

GoLand tools for rapid error correction
GoLand tools for rapid error correction

  • Implement Methods now allows¬†not only add new methods through the interface, but also quickly create new ones.

GoLand Implement Methods
GoLand Implement Methods

  • Added new Postfix templates .sort and .rr. The latter combines the two already available templates .rre and .rrv.

GoLand Postfix Templates
GoLand Postfix Templates

  • The updated debugger allows you to set a stop point by monitoring the log in the console, and also tracing the stack at the reached point and then continuing to execute the code.

GoLand updated debuggerGoLand updated debugger

  • Updated Docker-plugin.
  • Added support for TypeScript 2.9 and the future release of TypeScript 3.0.
  • Implemented tracking of unused parts of the code.

The previous version, GoLand 2018.1, was released in late March 2018. This was the first large-scale update of the new IDE, and changes in it mainly concerned the support for writing code and integrating the environment with other tools.

Git LFS 2.5.0 to be Available

It replaces large files with text links, and their contents are stored on GitHub Enterprise servers
31 July 2018   148

The GitHub developers have updated the Git LFS extension. It replaces large files with text links, and their contents are stored on GitHub Enterprise servers. The new version fixes bugs and added new features to the old commands. 

New migration options

The git lfs migrate command received several new functions.

  • Fixing the inability to save in the repository using Git LFS. If the file is larger than 100 MB, it does not move to GitHub and the history requires rewriting with the git lfs migrate import command. If the file is less than 100 MB, the git lfs migrate import --no-rewrite command will move the file using the extension, fixing the changes in the repository.
  • Correcting the error of storing files with the extension LFS. For example, you need to store images * .png with LFS, and the file is added without using it. git lfs migrate import --fixup helps to fix the error. The--fixup flag reads the condition in the .gitattributes file and automatically converts the objects for storage using Git LFS. In the example below, the mona.png file is added without Git LFS:
$ cat .gitattributes
*.png filter=lfs diff=lfs merge=lfs -text

$ git cat-file -p :mona.png | file -s
/dev/stdin: PNG image data, 896 x 896, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced

You can fix it this way:

$ git lfs migrate import --fixup
migrate: Fetching remote refs: ..., done
migrate: Sorting commits: ..., done
migrate: Rewriting commits: 100% (2/2), done
  master        1002728154804338fe645976ad8b7258b0be0810 -> 076e2bfe114df5575b1130f694c18d1b26c86b86
migrate: Updating refs: ..., done
migrate: checkout: ..., done

$ git cat-file -p :mona.png
oid sha256:49afbfc61b10df78377f8f7dac774158e1a0197740e160ea3572d9839c61ac04
size 106277

Now mona.png is in the repository using the LFS repository.

To stop working with the expansion and export of large objects, it is enough to type git lfs migrate export. The command accepts the same arguments asgit lfs migrate import, moving files from the extension.

Other changes

Modified scripts and programs that can be used to design as "crutches." Now the testing software package outputs the results in TAP format and is started by the prove command. And the assembly of the project can be done thanks to Makefile, the familiar Git users.

In addition, the fixes and improvements to support for alternative objects, as well as the output of results from subdirectories by the git lfs status command.