A Job Search Service to be Powered by Blockchain

A recruitment service job.com with 60 million users is launching the new blockchain platform in the spring of 2018
02 February 2018   363

Job.com co-founder Paul Sloyan believes that the blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize and solve problems of the current hiring process. In his opinion, Internet is the last innovation that occurred in the recruitment industry several years ago. Nowadays candidates and employers are spammed with the fake listings and irrelevant applications.

Using the blockchain along with job matching technology gives the opportunity to remove recruiters from the equation and focus on the employer and the candidate.

The power of the Blockchain will bring both employer and candidate together. The employer will get a well-matched candidate for less and the candidate will get a forward-thinking employer, increased privacy and control over their data such as qualifications, skills and contact information. The personal information will be kept private until further details are required for employer and candidate to contact.

This technology will allow the 20% fees charged for the recruitment process to be reduced to only 6% paid for employing a candidate. 5% of those 6% will go to a successful candidate as a signing bonus.

Andreessen Horowitz to Launch Crypto Investment Fund

Two new job openings by Andreessen Horowitz confirms the information about possible launch separate crypto investment fund
24 April 2018   31

One of the most influential venture capital companies of Silicon Valley intends to open its own fund, entirely dedicated to work with cryptocurrencies. This is repoted by Recode.

Rumors about the possible creation of a new division of Andreessen Horowitz have been on the web for quite some time, which is not surprising, as the company, also known as A16z, previously invested in Coinbase, Earn.com and CryptoKitties, and its founder Mark Andrissen is a big supporter of cryptocurrency .

Two new job openings by Andreessen Horowitz confirms the information that had spread earlier.

Currently, the venture company is looking for a "Manager for financial and operational activities, Cryptoactive" and "Legal Support Specialist, Cryptoactive". Both vacancies indicate that the company hires employees for an "individually managed fund that focuses on crypto assets."

The Legal Counsel will monitor "compliance with all necessary SEC requirements" and "manage the compliance of the firm / fund activities with all SEC requirements / other requirements", and the operational manager will among other things evaluate the crypto-currency assets.