Kaspersky to Conflict with Chromcast

The SSL certificates check mechanism of popular antimalware conflicts with popular device
04 March 2019   380

Kaspersky Total Security users have been complaining since January about antivirus conflict with Chromecast. And some did not even know that there was such a device in their network.

When you open the Chrome browser, the antivirus started to warn you that the domain has a self-signed certificate, and Kaspersky cannot guarantee the security of the connection.

There's been a sudden increase in device discovery reports. Reviewing the reports indicated that it's common on the Windows platform. And reviewing of the logs show a commonality of cast channel authentication errors, which can often be attributed to Anti Virus / security software.

Original Bug Report

The development team sorts out this bug on the Chromium site. They say that they will solve the problem together with Kaspersky Lab.

TIOBE April 2019 to be Available

Top three are Java, C and C++, Python was pushed on the 4th place
11 April 2019   212

In April, C ++ pressed Python out of the top three and sent it on the fourth line. Experts say the reason is not a drop in interest in Python. On the contrary, from month to month interest in it is growing. Also, the popularity of C ++ is growing.

TIOBE Programming Community Index April 2019
TIOBE Programming Community Index April 2019

TIOBE experts recalled that once C ++ market share exceeded 15%. Difficulties with the release of new versions of the standard language provoked a drop in interest in C ++ and a reduction in this share. With the release of C ++ 11, C ++ 14 and C ++ 17, and most importantly, with their support by the main compilers, the popularity of the language began to revive.

TIOBE April 2019
TIOBE April 2019

The TIOBE ranking is compiled monthly based on the analysis of search queries in Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu. It reflects the popularity of programming languages, but not their quality.