Korean Web Giant Kakao Announced Own Blockchain Platform

The new product will be open to the public and should become the basis on which developers can create their applications
27 March 2018   178

One of the largest Internet companies in South Korea Kakao has officially announced the creation of a subsidiary named Ground X, specializing in blockchain technologies, reports Yonhap.

During the press conference, the representatives of the operator of the popular in South Korea messenger KakaoTalk told about the launch of a new unit, which will develop its own blockchain-platform. The new product will be open to the public and should become the basis on which developers can create their applications. The release of the new site should take place during the year.

It is also planned that Ground X will integrate all future blockchain services with existing services of Kakao, said the company's CEO Joe Su-yong and Yeo Ming-su.

Now at Kakao 3.0, we will continue to explore our growth potential by seamlessly integrating services among Kakao companies and actively building presence in the global market. 

Joh Su-yong 

Co-CEO, Kakao

At the same time, according to ZDNet, Su-yong denied the earlier rumors about the release of Kakao Coin cryptocurrency and ICO outside of South Korea, where such campaigns are outlawed.

BOScoin sets up a meetup in Amsterdam

The first European BOScoin meetup will be held in Amsterdam on May 13 to introduce the platform to the public
21 April 2018   25

BOScoin is holding its first European meetup session on May 13 in Amsterdam. The venue is chosen to be at Berlage Meet and Workspace. During the meetup members of the team with CTO Yezune Choi and the community manager will be available to answer questions in order for BOScoin community to learn more about the project, and understand how it fits into the broader market. Mr. Choi will be presenting an overview of the BOScoin platform, and going into greater detail about the project's future plans, and technical aspects of the platform.

Among the topics to be covered there will be explanation of the technology and project's business strategy. Currently BOScoin has a working and functional blockchain network called tokenNet, which allows for the transfer of BOScoin from wallet to wallet.

The event starts at 13:30 local time.