Korean Web Giant Kakao to Launch Own Crypto Wallet

Klip wallet will be developed by the blockchain division of Ground X
12 August 2019   959

South Korean technology corporation Kakao intends to launch its own Klip cryptocurrency wallet before the end of this year, News1 Korea reports.

So, the blockchain division of Ground X is developing it. The new service will support the digital currency of Klay Corporation, as well as other tokens based on the Klaytn blockchain.

At the same time, representatives of the HintChain blockchain marketplace confirmed that they are partners of the project.

The establishment of Ground X and Kakao’s plans to create its own blockchain platform became known in March last year.

In early October, white paper Klaytn was released and applications for participation in the Aspen test network with a potential productivity of 1,500 Tps began to be accepted.

Already this year, Kakao raised $ 90 million to create Klaytn from investment firms IDG Capital, Translink Capital and Crescendo Equity Partners.

French Gendarmerie to Use Tezos Blockhain

Gendarmerie Cybercrime Division (C3N) is "validating judicial expenses" with Tezos blockchain
21 November 2019   71

The French Gendarmerie Cybercrime Division (C3N) uses the Tezos blockchain. The agency launched its first smart contract in September.

According to a press release, C3N uses blockchain to control the costs incurred during investigations.

Debuting on the Tezos network, this is one of the first examples of a government entity using a smart contract for operational purposes. The new program allows C3N to acquire cryptocurrency from Europol-allocated funds in order to cover operational costs.

Nomandic Labs

The new program also allows C3N to purchase cryptocurrency with funds allocated by Europol to cover operating expenses.

The statement noted that the smart contract was specifically designed so that C3N confirms costs without the risk of disclosing operational activities and problems for ongoing investigations.