Kosher cryptocurrency Bitcoen to be created in Russia

Kosher cryptocurrency called Bitcoen to be created in Russia
08 August 2017   1084

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Russian businessman Vyacheslav Semenchuk announces a kosher cryptocurrency Bitcoen (in tune with "coen" - the name of the clergy in Judaism), which is designed to simplify the calculations within the Jewish community. The initiative of the businessman has already been supported by the chief rabbinate of Russia.

The project plans to produce on its own blockchain 100 million tokens Bitcoen $1. The currency will be released to the market gradually, and 10% from each edition will come in a special Fund, which will transfer cryptocurrency to the Jewish community.

Semenchuk also adds that tokens will be accepted at some shops and restaurants, not just kosher. Thus, he explained the possible interest for non-kosher stores in support of the cryptocurrency:

Want a new audience in the form of effective Jews – accept cryptocurrency Bitcoen.

Vyacheslav Semenchuk
Bitcoen creator

The project is under control of the “Council of six”:

Each of them [Board members] respected in the Jewish community, representing its direction (business, politics, Finance, technology, public work, culture). Each Board member will have one part of the digital private key. Only adding 6 keys together in a special room and voting, the Council may adopt joint decisions.

Bitcoen team


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According to Semenchuk, the Council has only two functions – solutions on the issue of currency and how worthy is the project team bonus 5 years after the start Bitcoen. The key is divided into six parts, while in other blockchains like Ethereum, or Waves key can belong to one person, argues Semenchuk.

Soon Bitcoen also plans to hold a pre-ICO and ICO. 

Boerse Stuttgart to Launch Crypto Trading Platform

SolarisBank has a license to provide banking services in Germany and will become the banking partner of the exchange
13 December 2018   82

In the second half of 2019, the second largest stock exchange in Germany, the Börse Stuttgart Group, with the support of fintech company solarisBank, will launch a platform for cryptocurrency trading.

The official press release notes that solarisBank has a license to provide banking services in Germany and will become the banking partner of the exchange.

At the initial stage, the platform will support Bitcoin and Ether, and in the future, various tokens that will produce its own ICO-service of the exchange and will also be available in secondary markets.

Access to the trading platform will be available to both retail and institutional traders, and it will differ little from the existing securities trading platform.

In addition, the Boerse Stuttgart Group is awaiting approval by the regulator for the launch of a multilateral trading platform for cryptocurrencies, which will allow to compare the applications of buyers and sellers using electronic systems.

In April of this year, Sowa Labs, the Fintech division of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, reported on the work on the Bison application for cryptocurrency trading. Its launch was expected in September, but so far has not yet taken place.

SolarisBank is also a partner of the Bitwala blockchain-start-up, which on the eve announced the launch of its updated cryptocurrency service offering users a single bank account with support for Bitcoin and Fiat.