Kotlin 1.1.4-3 hotfix released

New hotfix for Kotlin 1.1.4 released; giant amount of bugs fixed
31 August 2017   1488

A hotfix for latest Kotlin version 1.1.4 has been released. Let's see what it fixes.

List of fixed bugs:

  • SamWithReceiver compiler plugin not used by IntelliJ for .kt files
  • Gradle Kotlin Plugin does not work with the gradle java-library plugin
  • Console spam when opening idea-community project in debug IDEA
  • [Coroutines + Kapt3] Assertion failed in ClassClsStubBuilder.createNestedClassStub
  • kapt3 & Parcelize: Compilation error
  • Kotlin 1.1.4 noarg plugin breaks with sealed classes
  • Kapt error after updating to 1.1.4 - stub adds type parameters where there are none
  • Mocking of final named suspend methods with mockito fails
  • kapt3: not always including argument to @javax.inject.Named in generated stubs
  • "Convert to expression body" is not shown in 162 / AS23 branches for multi-liners
  • NPE caused by Map<String, Boolean>?.get
  • PerModulePackageCacheService calls getOrderEntriesForFile() for every file, even those that can't affect Kotlin resolve
  • Provide an opt-out flag for separate classes directories (Gradle 4.0+)
  • if an imported library already exists it should be redetected during gradle import

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JetBrains to Roll Out Ktor Framework

Framework is suitable for writing back-end projects and microservices in the Kotlin language
20 November 2018   207

JetBrains developers told about the release of the stable version of the Ktor 1.0 framework. It helps to create asynchronous servers and clients in related systems. According to the creators, the framework is suitable for writing back-end projects and microservices in the Kotlin language. Documentation and project generator are published on the official website.

First of all, it is worth noting that this is an open source project that is distributed under the Apache 2 license. The main components are:

  • HTTP server running on a virtual machine. It works on Netty, Jetty, and server-side Java programs. It can be placed in a container, embedded in desktop or Android applications, as well as run on Tomcat. Moreover, it corresponds to the paradigm of the application of twelve factors.
  • Multiplatform HTTP client. Although asynchronous, it uses the same coroutines and I / O elements that control the server.

Tools will help the developer to customize the main components of the application.

The Kotlin / Native project supports Ktor, starting with version 0.8. In this case, the working version of Kotlin / Native 0.9 was released in early September 2018. In it, developers added support for unsigned types and interoperability with C, Objective-C / Swift.