Kotlin developer salary

How much Kotlin developers earn in Russia? 
01 June 2017   2879

The Russian labor market for Kotlin coders is small. In May, companies offered only 98 jobs.


Statically-typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine and also can be compiled to JavaScript source code

The number is really small if you compare it with the number of vacancies for JavaScript developers which was almost 700.

The largest number of vacancies are in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. Developers who own more common technologies can find work in almost any region of the country, which can not be said about Kotlin programmers. Jobs are available only in 16 regions.

kotlin Vacancies mapVacancies map

Wage level is led by Novosibirsk. In this region, JetBrains, which develops the language of Kotlin, is looking for employees actively.

Kotlin salary level graphKotlin salary level graph

Technology is young and naturally employers do not indicate that they are looking for developers with experience more than six years. 65.4% of vacancies are addressed to developers with experience up to 3 years. 34.6% of vacancies are addressed to the coders with an experience of 3 to 6 years. As is the case with Go coders, the average salary in the country has not fall under the mark of 100000 rubles even for developers with experience of up to 3 years. This, in spite of a small number of vacancies, speaks of the demand for specialists of the technology itself.

Diagram of kotlin vacancies, sorted by experienceDiagram of vacancies, sorted by experience

Kaspersky Lab to Open Kaspresso Source Code

The solution is designed for mobile services testing
21 October 2019   292

Kaspersky Lab has uploaded a tool for self-testing applications on Android on GitHub. The creation involved developers from HeadHunter and Avito. Kaspresso - as the framework is called - has already been tested on Kaspersky Lab’s mobile services.

The framework is based on two autotest libraries: Espresso and Kakao. Kaspresso can be used in AndroidDebugBridge tests - this is when specified commands are executed on the device for debugging. In normal tests through Espresso, there is no ADB support. Kaspresso also logs all actions and can solve problems with flaky tests when the result is unpredictable. It is written in Kotlin.

Kaspersky Lab believes that Kaspresso differs from its competitors in the flexibility of settings and ease of use.