Kraken is under maintenance for two days

Originally, the exchange update was planned for 2 hours
12 January   171

Largest exchange Kraken updates its system for the second day, although initially planned to complete all the work within 2 hours. This is reported by Trustnodes. 

When it became clear that the exchange does not fit within the specified time frame, the message about unplanned delays appeared on the page intended for tracking the current status of the service. Later, the company reported that the work will continue for another 2 hours. And then this appeared:

Kraken unconfirmed screenshot
Kraken unconfirmed screenshot

The second weird status update above is unverified, but the latest status update for the exchange says:

We are still working to resolve the issues that we have identified and our team is working around the clock to ensure a smooth upgrade. This means it may still take several hours before we can relaunch the site.

Kraken Team

Probably, this is one of the longest updates in the history of crypto exchanges. It is still not clear what exactly happens on Kraken. The update should have been launched on January 6, but it was postponed several times. In one recent message, the exchange wrote:

While performing final checks ahead of rollout, we discovered a problem in one of the system components and expect to make another attempt after the issue has been resolved, in the next few days.

Kraken Team

They provided no detail regarding what issue was discovered. In a message posted this night on the status page of the service, they write: “protracted downtime has nothing to do with funding/reserves.”

The Kraken exchange experienced problems for several months, due to which traders often could not access the interface of the site, and the order placement sometimes required 20 or more attempts.

Often the site itself was not available, displaying various errors, which indicates that Kraken, like many other exchanges, was not ready for such a rapid increase in the number of users.

Finally, Kraken came to update its system, but its two-hour work turned for users almost two-day blocking of funds.

Kraken Resumes Withdrawals

The exchange went offline at 9 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday for maintenance that was initially scheduled to last two hours
15 January   524

Kraken, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has resumed service after scheduled maintenance that was supposed to take two hours but instead took two days.

The exchange went offline at 9 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday for maintenance that was initially scheduled to last two hours, plus an additional two to three hours for withdrawals.

Kraken Closed

Kraken mentioned it’s working on "unexpected and delicate issues" and assured clients their funds were secure, adding that "Yes, this is our new record for downtime since we launched in 2013. No, we’re not proud of it."

With their return online, Kraken announced that unleveraged trading is free until the end of the month. The site has been functioning normally since going online, but trading was paused for several hours due to problems displaying order book data that have since been resolved.

Last few days the exchange was working to get withdrawals back online and yesterday Kraken announced that withdrawals are now enabled.

Kraken Withdrawals

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