KuCoin to Take Back MTV Tokens From Unfair Buyers

Team found out that 67 participants of recent MultiVAC IEO used scripts to buy tokens instantly, thus creating an “unfair advantage”
10 April 2019   494

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange completed an investigation into users who used scripts during the IEO project MultiVAC.

Thus, the marketplace identified 67 participants who used special scripts in the course of a tokensale, which allowed them to complete the procedure for participation in IEO quickly, thereby providing them with an “unfair advantage” over other participants.

KuCoin team decided that these users would not receive acquired tokens - they had already returned the spent KCS to them, and the corresponding number of MTV tokens would be given to MultiVAC.

At the same time, KuCoin distributed tokens among those investors who clicked the “Buy Now” button, but did not receive the coins.

Finally, users will receive their tokens after an additional round of MTV sales, which will be held April 9th.

Radix to Replay All BTC Transactions in 15 Minutes

Radix is developing a DLT alternative, with which it has a lot of common, but at the same time it is more scalable and easier for devs to work with
13 June 2019   362

The Radix project had conducted visual testing of the capabilities of its technology in a “live” format.

According to the announcement on Twitter, testing begun 12.06 at 9:30 Eastern time. During the process, Radix promised to reproduce all transactions from the Bitcoin blockchain, that had been recorded there for 10 years of cryptocurrency existence. The entire procedure is expected to take less than one hour. Thus, the project intends to demonstrate the bandwidth and scalability of the solution created by it.

Team was able to perform successful test in 15 minutes. That's 4 times less than expected. Impressive result.

Radix is developing an alternative to the blockchain technology, with which it shares characteristics such as decentralization and protection against unauthorized access, but at the same time it is more scalable and easier to handle for developers. To do this, the project uses database sharding, which ensures linear scalability of registries.