KuCoin to Take Back MTV Tokens From Unfair Buyers

Team found out that 67 participants of recent MultiVAC IEO used scripts to buy tokens instantly, thus creating an “unfair advantage”
10 April 2019   276

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange completed an investigation into users who used scripts during the IEO project MultiVAC.

Thus, the marketplace identified 67 participants who used special scripts in the course of a tokensale, which allowed them to complete the procedure for participation in IEO quickly, thereby providing them with an “unfair advantage” over other participants.

KuCoin team decided that these users would not receive acquired tokens - they had already returned the spent KCS to them, and the corresponding number of MTV tokens would be given to MultiVAC.

At the same time, KuCoin distributed tokens among those investors who clicked the “Buy Now” button, but did not receive the coins.

Finally, users will receive their tokens after an additional round of MTV sales, which will be held April 9th.

Mithril to Migrate to Binance Chain

Mithril is the frist project that is going to migrate to recently launched Binance chain
19 April 2019   103

The Mithril project is the first to migrate to the Binance Chain. This is reported in startup blog.

By migrating to the Binance Chain, MITH token holders will be the first to experience the speed, security, and user friendliness on the new Binance DEX platform while maintaining full control over their own funds. Migration of MITH from ERC20 to BEP2 will begin shortly after the mainnet launch of Binance Chain on April 18, 2019.

Mithril Team

Mithril claims that they studied various blockchain platforms and was convinced of the “speed, security, and user friendliness have become crucial to the success of our ecosystem” of Binance Chain, which was the reason for his decision.

MITH deposit / withdrawal on Binance.com will not be available for the first 12 hours after migration. Nevertheless, trading will continue. After completing the necessary procedures, Binance users will be able to withdraw from the exchange tokens of a new format to the addresses of compatible purses and Binance DEX. ERC20-MITH, located in the personal wallets of users or on other exchanges, will not be affected.

Mithril is developing a decentralized social network with the possibility of receiving awards for creating content. MITH rate on the background of this news has grown by more than 30%. Currently, it is the 144th largest cryptocurrency asset.