KuCoin to Update IEO Rules

Now the initial exchange offerings campaigns (but not the MultiVAC) at Spotlight will be concluded in a lottery format, similar to Binance Launchpad 
03 April 2019   376

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange announced a rules change of initial exchange offerings (IEO) on the Spotlight platform. New rules do not apply to the upcoming campaign of the MultiVAC project.

During the next IEO, KCS holders will participate in a lottery, where the probability of winning will depend on the number of exchange tokens that have been in their accounts for the previous 14 days. KuCoin promises to announce more detailed terms later.

Holding KCS and getting KCS bonus will dramatically increase your chances with our next sale. Many of our new products will be launched soon. KuCoin's trading volume is rising rapidly. I think the market is also cheering for us.

Michael Gan

CEO, KuCoin

In addition, a separate round, where the distribution will take place in the order of a live queue, will be organized for those who will not be able to receive an allocation at the first stage. Investors who become owners of tokens during the lottery selection will not be able to participate in this round. 

Bibox Exchange to Conduct 4 IEO Simultaneously

The allocation of tokens will be perfomed in the order of the lottery among holders of BIX tokens and the IEO to be perfomed at Bibox's Orbit platform
19 April 2019   99

Bibox cryptocurrency exchange presented four projects that will conduct the initial exchange offering of their tokens as part of the first wave of IEO on April 22 on the Bibox Orbit platform.

  1. The Force Protocol (FOR) is a distributed protocol of crypto-financial services based on a public blockchain system, providing opportunities for cross-platform asset transaction and communication, use of crypto assets from several blockchains to provide steybcocoins, issue tokenized bonds, etc.
  2. Ludos (LUD) is a solution for a distributed gaming ecosystem designed to bring large-scale blockchain games and economic incentives to life.
  3. Staking (SKR) is a decentralized asset management platform that allows investors to safely stack tokens.
  4. X-Block (IX) is a computing system based on the blockchain architecture.

The allocation of tokens will be perfomed in the order of the lottery among holders of BIX tokens. Potential investors will be able to declare how many tokens of a project they want to purchase based on their BIX, after which a separate rally will be held for each of the projects.