Lawsuit Filed Against Nano Developers

Lawsuit against company, formally known as Raiblocks, is filed by US citizen Alex Brola
09 April 2018   750

Lawsuit against the developers of Nano cryptocurrency (formerly Raiblocks) was filed in the New York District Court. This is reported by Cointelegraph.

The suit was filed by US citizen Alex Brola through the law firm Silver Miller. He argues that the Nano developers violated the securities law and were negligent, releasing their crypto currency at the BitGrail exchange, with which about 17 million Nano ($ 187 million at the time of the hacking) were stolen in mid-February.

The plaintiff demands issuing an order that would oblige Nano to conduct a "saving fork" in order to issue a new crypto currency in order to "fairly compensate" the losses of the participants in the claim.

Although the plaintiff in the case is Brola, who bought $ 50,000 worth nanos on December 10, Silver Miller claims that "there are hundreds, if not thousands, of potential participants in the class action" that the company intends to contact during the defendant's review of the plaintiff's materials.

Silver Miller declares itself as "a strong defender of defrauded investors who suffered as a result of the actions of stock exchanges of crypto-currencies and issuers." Currently, the company conducts group suits against such crypto-currency firms as Coinbase, Kraken, BitConnect, Cryptsy, Monkey Capital, Giga Watt and Tezos.

Earlier, BitGrail founder and operator Francesco Firano presented investors with a plan for recovering stolen funds, which can be implemented if they agree not to go to court.

Coinbase US Customers Can Convert Crypto to Gift Cards

Coinbase customers received interesting proposal right before Christmas gifts purchase time
11 December 2018   42

The largest US cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced the expansion of partnership with a London startup WeGift.

Using the Coinbase wallet, American users can buy gift certificates from dozens of retailers, including Uber, Nike and Gap.

To do this, users need to visit the website of the WeGift service and associate it with the Coinbase wallet. As a bonus, when purchasing gift certificates, users do not have to pay a withdrawal fee.

Earlier, this opportunity from Coinbase and WeGift was available only in a few EU countries.