Learn Functional Programming with Elixir book overview

Book with a balanced level of Functional Programming and Elixir
28 August 2017   541

Recently, new Elixir book was released. Learn Functional Programming with Elixir by Ulisses Almeida.

Learn Functional Programming with Elixir
Learn Functional Programming with Elixir

There are a lot of good Elixir books. Some are targeted for skilled coders, other for beginners. Mostly, they focus on Elixir features and OTP. But they don't explain functional programming. So, the author decided to write a book, that has a balanced level of Functional Programming and Elixir.

This book covers the concepts of functional programming, at the same time, you will be introduced to Elixir. You will get familiar with:

  • Immutability,
  • Declarative coding,
  • Impure and pure functions,
  • Anonymous and named functions,
  • Closures,
  • Pattern matching,
  • Recursion,
  • High-order functions,
  • Behaviours,
  • and Protocols.

Book will intriduce functional programming to you, while teaching Elixir. In Learn Functional Programming with Elixir, you’ll have a chapter with more than twenty pages explaining many concepts, like unbounded and bounded recursion, divide and conquer, and tail call optimization.

Get the book at Pragmatic Bookshelf.

ElixirLangMoscow Meetup #7

Meetup will be held on February 15th, Thursday, in Moscow, Pyatnitsky Lane 2
22 January 2018   247

Club ElixirLangMoscow invites all lovers of Elixir, Erlang and functional programming languages to the next meeting of our club. This time the event was decided to be held in the "Dear, I will call back" bar. Because, what could be better than listening to interesting reports for a glass of beer. And even in the company of friends!


We are waiting for two cool reports and a free microphone for those who have something to say.

Dmitry Rubinstein

Topic: “Introduction to Agala

Dmitry Rubinstein
Dmitry Rubinstein

The report will highlight the Agala framework - a platform for real-time interaction with third-party services. Currently, this platform has implemented bots for Telegram and Vk, which are used in the combat environment in our company. Let's analyze the main differences from the known solutions for creating bots on Elixir, consider the internal structure of the platform and learn how to support any necessary third-party service.

Dmitry Rubinstein

Alexandr Shorin 

Topic: “Apache CouchDB: more than a database with HTTP API

Alexandr Shorin
Alexandr Shorin

This will be an introductory report with Apache CouchDB and its ecosystem. Main features and capabilities. Details of the implementation of the replication protocol and why this is important. Forks: Couchbase, Cloudant - what are the differences and why should not they be confused with the original project. The history of clustering, what happened in the end in 2.0 and how it works. What is interesting about the new release and where the project is heading.

Alexandr Shorin 

As a pleasant chip, the bar will prepare an "Elixir" cocktail especially for us. Admission is free, everyone pays their bill.

The event has an age limit of 18+. Register for free.