Ledger is facing continuing technical issues

Technical issues of popular hardware wallet manufacturer had begun two days ago
14 December 2017   3459

Manufacturer of popular hardware cryptocurrency wallets Ledger reports on ongoing technical issues. Everything started on 12.12.17.

Today, 14.12.17, technical issues are still pending. 

French company assured users that the team of engineers "around the clock" is working on solving the problem, and all means are safe. Also representatives of Ledger recommended using MyEtherWallet wallets for operations with Ethereum and Electrum (or Mycelium) - for BTC. 

As you can see in the twitter message above, some users were surprised by third-party services mentioned in official Ledger twitter.

Disruptions in the work of platform occur against the background of a sharp rise in the price of most leading crypto-currencies. Additionally, cryptocurrency market exceeded half of trillion dollars mark. 

Ledger releases a security update for its wallet

The new version addresses a “man-in-the-middle” type of attack
07 February 2018   920

Ledger Wallet Bitcoin Chrome application has been recently updated to include a new security feature - verification of the reception address directly on a hardware device. This patch fixes a specific issue that has gained weight among the community.

A malware has been recently announced that is potentially capable of infecting the Ledger Chrome application along with the whole user’s system. Thus, theoretically the attacker could replace the ‘receive’ address displayed on the screen of the application on the infected system with the attacker’s address. This type of an attack is called “man-in-the-middle”.

Now the users can easily verify the received address on their device. Additionally, Eric Larcheveque, CEO of Ledger, explained the 3 important steps the company is making in terms of improving the security: software updates, upgraded Bug Bounty program and prevention by working on developing resources and materials to help users to better understand the threats.

Security is an arms race. We’re in it for the long haul and are prepared for it. At Ledger, we take our mission seriously and that mission is to protect you


Eric Larcheveque

Ledger CEO

Reddit users were mainly puzzled with the update:

u/cryptogalaxy said “I just saw the email and I'm not sure I understand. They no longer display your receiving address on the computer but instead only display it on your device so you can no longer copy paste your address? That could cause typing errors when you want to transfer from an exchange to your wallet as you have to manually type out the whole address each time. Did I misunderstand or is this their so called "upgrade"?”

u/adavidmiller said “I don't get it, didn't you always have to confirm the receiving address manually on the ledger itself?”

u/advanceb said “If I have a ledger nano S how do I update this? Do I still keep the same private keys etc?”

u/Niros1 said “Does this issue also relevant for MEW? Does MEW generate the addresses with JS?”