Ledger Nano S Firmware Update to Improve Security

According to official blog, new firmare solve a lot of issues
17 April 2018   1273

The manufacturer of popular hardware cryptowallets Ledger has released a new version of the software (v. 1.4.2) for Nano S devices.

We are continuously working to improve the security of Ledger devices. As our business grows, we will accelerate our work identifying opportunities to improve the security of our services and products.

Ledger Team

 According to the team, these are main improvements

  • Improving user pin security
  • Improving recovery phrase security
  • Getting rid of confusing error messages
  • Improving application checks

This month, many users of Ledger's crypto-currency wallets faced difficulties in accessing their Bitcoin Cash assets.

Ledger developers are preparing to launch new native applications for desktop and mobile versions that will gather cryptocurrencies in one space and will not rely on Google Chrome or Chromium.

Ledger Wallet to Launch Tezos Staking Support

A new option is available both in the desktop and in the mobile version of the app and users can choose the validor from the list
11 December 2019   217

Ledger hardware wallet development company added Tezos cryptocurrency staking support (XTZ) to Ledger Live software.

A new option is available both in the desktop and in the mobile version of the program.

While staking Tezos is currently available on several major exchanges, these exchanges do not provide the same level of security and optionality as Ledger hardware wallets. With today’s announcement, users can now manage and earn XTZ rewards through Ledger Live, while still ensuring top security through their Ledger hardware wallets.

Ledger Team

Company representatives added that users can choose validators from a list, for example, offering a higher yield.

Recently, support for Tezos staking with an annual rate of 6-7% was added by the Binance bitcoin exchange.