Ledger to Report on Trezor Vulnerabilities

As reported, the security research by the Attack Lab found 5 serious vulnerabilities 
12 March 2019   191

The leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency hardware wallets Ledger spoke about the vulnerabilities identified in the devices of his direct competitor Trezor. This is stated in a message distributed by the French company on Monday, March 11.

The Ledger study states that the vulnerabilities were discovered by employees of Attack Lab, a division of the company, which, to increase security, hacks both own wallets and competitors' devices. Representatives of Ledger claim that they have repeatedly contacted Trezor regarding the weak points in their Trezor One and Trezor T wallets, and after the disclosure period ended, they decided to make them public.

The first problem is related to authenticity of devices. As Ledger claims, the Trezor device can be simulated by hacking it with malware, and then resealing it in a box, forging a sticker designed to protect against unauthorized access. The latter, said the French company, is easy to remove. It is also claimed that this vulnerability can be eliminated only by reformatting the entire design of Trezor wallets, in particular, by replacing one of the main components with the Secure Secure chip.

Secondly, Ledger hackers were able to pick up a PIN on a Trezor wallet using an attack on a third-party channel. Later, Trezor solved this problem in its firmware update 1.8.0.

The third and fourth vulnerabilities, which Ledger also proposes to eliminate by replacing the main component with the Secure Element chip, are the possibility of stealing confidential data from the device. Ledger claims that an attacker with physical access to Trezor One and Trezor T can extract all data from flash memory and gain control over the assets stored on devices.

The last discovered weakness is also related to the Trezor security model: as stated by Ledger, the Trezor One cryptographic library does not contain adequate countermeasures against hardware attacks. It is alleged that a hacker with physical access to the device can extract the secret key through an attack on a third-party channel, although Trezor claimed that his wallets are resistant to such an attack.

It is noteworthy that in November 2018 Trezor representatives themselves warned that an unknown third party was distributing individual copies of their flagship device, Trezor One, urging users to buy wallets only through their official website.

However, in its report, Ledger claims that users cannot be sure, even if they buy equipment on the Trezor website. An attacker can buy multiple devices, hack them, and then send them back to the manufacturer for compensation. Ledger researchers conclude that if a compromised device is resold, user cryptocurrencies may be stolen.

There's no comment from Trezor team yet.

Ledger to Delay Nano X Supply

As an apology for the incident, Ledger will add the Nano S wallet to customers' orders that ordered Nano X before today's notice
22 March 2019   162

Ledger reported that customers who ordered its new device model Nano X, will have to wait longer than the previously announced period.

Due to unexpected production issues that surfaced at the last moment, we are sorry to let you know that our Ledger Nano X units will not be shipped this week as expected. We are doing everything we can to get our Nano X units shipped as soon as possible, but as of today, we are delayed by at least one month and possibly more. We will keep you updated as we learn more

Ledger Team

Until today on the order page Ledger Nano X it was reported that the first owners will receive new devices in early April. According to the updated information on the same page, it will not happen until the end of May.

The company explains that it received parts that were to be used to assemble the first batch of wallets, but was forced to reject them, as they did not meet its quality standards. This in turn led to a violation of the terms.

As an apology for the incident, Ledger will add the Nano S wallet to customers' orders that ordered Nano X before today's notice. Additional wallet is proposed to be used as a backup for the main device.

At the beginning of the month, a bug was detected, due to which the Monero application on the Nano S wallets did not work correctly, which in some cases could lead to a loss of cryptocurrency.