Ledger to Report on XMR App Bug in Nano S Wallet

Do not use Ledger Nano S with client 0.14 until more information is provided, official message says
04 March 2019   322

The manufacturer of the popular hardware cryptocurrency wallets Ledger reported on the appearance of the alleged bug when using the Monero version 0.14 client with the company's own version 1.1.3 client.

In the last version of monero client 0.14 with application 1.1.3, it seems there is a bug with the change address: The change seems to not be correctly send.

Do not use Ledger Nano S with client 0.14 until more information is provided.

Ledger Crypto Dev @reddit

As noted by Ledger, the initial tests showed that an undesirable effect is a combination of a specific client version with a specific version of the wallet application. At the same time, users who will not conduct transactions with supposedly vulnerable software risk nothing.

Last week, information was disclosed about the vulnerability of Ledger devices related to addresses for returning coins, but in that case the problem affected Bitcoin wallets.

Ledger May Lay Off 10% Staff

Currently, the total staff of the company is 200 people, so 20 people can lose their jobs
12 April 2019   288

Ledger hardware cryptocurrency wallets manufacturer is considering reducing 20 employees. It is reported by CCN with reference to the French edition of Presse Citron.

Currently, the total staff of the company is 200 people. Thus, the state can be reduced by 10%.

In 2017 Ledger’s monthly income from sales was about 10 million euros. The company’s website states that over 1.4 million Nano S devices have been sold so far, which makes Ledger the world leader in its market niche. The price of hardware wallets, depending on the model, is in the range of $ 60-270.

However, despite some deterioration in financial position, Ledger does not stop there, creating new products and services. So, in March, the company announced the launch of the Ledger Vault custodial service, which allows you to manage multi-signature wallets, as well as securely and efficiently store digital assets, including ERC-20 bitcoin and tokens.

In January, the French company introduced the Ledger Nano X - an improved version of the Ledger Nano S, with an enlarged screen, more storage space and Bluetooth support.