LIFEwallet and LIFEcards About to Be Released

LIFEwallet and the first LIFEcards should be released to the public in April 2018
28 March 2018   1282

LIFE is digital cash,  which functions as a reward system for large businesses, charities, communities and innovation projects. It can be bought, sold and traded like shares or can be used to purchase items from a growing number of retailers.

According to the roadmap of LIFE, LIFEwallet and the first LIFEcards should be released to the public in April 2018. The users will be able to utilize LIFEwallet online portal or mobile application to convert their preferred cryptocurrency to an equivalent prepaid balance on the LIFEcard in seconds. LIFEcard is a prepaid card, and while there are strict identity verification checks, there will be no credit checks or credit limits.

Life cards samples cryptoLIFE cards samples

According to the website of LIFE, LIFEwallet is being developed alongside LIFEcard as an integrated companion application, and a crytocurrency wallet in its own right, but the further details will be announced separately.

As for the future plans of LIFE, May 2018 will be marked by first LIFE conference in London, and Cryptosaurus will adopt LIFE as a payment method, and the Stage 2 of LIFE adopters will be announced in June, 2018.

California Court to Issue a Temporary Ban on Blockvest

SEC had found a lot of violations, including the "approval" of non-existed "Blockchain Exchange Commission"
15 February 2019   123

The Southern District of California Court, represented by Judge Gonzalo Kuriel, issued a preliminary ban against BlockOw ICO-startup Blockvest LLC and its founder Reginald Buddy Ringold (Rasul Abdul Rahim El), citing violations of securities laws in the past and possible violations in the future.

SEC Info
SEC Info

Court ruled that the BLV tokenail violated the norms of section 17 of the Securities Act of 1933, and recognized tokens as unregistered securities.

November last year, Judge Gonzalo Curiel refused to recognize the Blockvest project token as a security, because the SEC could not prove otherwise.