Lightning Network Solution For Adult Industry

Learn how Porn_X is going to combine two large sectors of the economy - the porn industry and the crypto currency
13 February 2018   993

While being one of the most up-to-date solutions, it's no secret that credit cards and cryptocurrencies have a lot of unsolved disadnatages. Let's list some of them.

Credit Cards:

  • Theft of money
    Data theft when paying and stealing money from bank cards of users of porn sites
  • Purchase privacy
    When you download porn content, the data appears in the bank statement and possible embarrassing situations with the family
  • Long-term registration
    In order to pay for the purchase, you need to go through a long registration and enter a lot of confidential data


  • Slow transactions
    Slow transactions in the crypto currency due to the recording of each transaction in the chain of custody
  • Large Fee
    With each transaction, the miners charge a large commission for confirmation of the operation
  • Lack of usability
    A small number of services for using crypto currency in everyday life

And we've found the project, that has a solution for above-mentioned problems. Even 3 solutions!

Porn_X Cryptocurrency

The PORNX token was created as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. 


Token PORNX can be used to buy these content:

  • porn sites
  • erotic video chats
  • adult online video games
  • online sex shops

PORNX will be implemented in the Lightning Network, which will reduce the commission for the transaction and make the payment lightning-fast, comparable to Visa / MasterCard, while remaining anonymous and secure.

X-Q Payment System

The X-Q Pay payment system built on the basis of Lightning Network allows you to generate a unique payment page and QR code that will be recognized only by the mobile application X-Wall Wallet and use the PORNX crypto currency for payment on porn sites.

X-Q Payment System
X-Q Payment System

The X-Q Pay payment system built on the basis of Lightning Network allows you to generate a unique payment page and QR code that will be recognized only by the mobile application X-Wall Wallet and use the PORNX crypto currency for payment on porn sites.

X-Wall Wallet

This mobile app will have many useful features:

  • Storage and use of PORNX as a currency for paying various pornographic content
  • Storage of new tokens created on the protocol ERC-20. New coins based on ETH, which are waiting for their entry to the stock exchange
  • Storage of TOP-40 popular currencies in a convenient mobile interface
  • Will be available in 10 languages

X-Wall App
X-Wall App

  • Classical sending&receiving of all coins that will be stored on your wallet
  • Payment for goods and services on the Internet with the ability to pay by crypto currency through QR code
  • Exchange for fiat money inside a mobile application
  • Technical support in 5 languages

Let's figure out, how these 3 products work together and create an ecosystem.

Porn_X Ecosystem
Porn_X Ecosystem

The profit will be divided into 3 groups:

  • Fee for the transaction from the owners of web sites
  • Commission for the exchange of funds on Pornx or any other, inside the mobile application 
  • Commission when withdrawing funds or Pornx, inside the mobile application 

As team says, more than one hundred companies are interested in cooperation with PORNX Project and installation of the payment system X-Q PAY on the basis of Lightning Network.

As a company, we did not limit ourselves to the American market or Asia. In the process of work, we contacted 500 projects through email correspondence and video and audio calls. We presented our idea and received approval from the majority of owners or managers of paid porn sites. Everyone wanted to introduce a method of paying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Porn_X Team

Porn_X Tokensale

The tokensale is being concluded to raise money for an advertising company and continuing the development of a payment system based on the payment of porn content PORNX Project.

At the moment of press, Private Sale successfully ended and the Pre Sale is ongoing till 25th of February. 

Token Sale 1 will be held from 18th of 24th of March with 20k ETH Hardcap and Token Sale 2 will be held from March 25th to March 31st with 15k ETH Hardcap.

This is the Token Distribution:

Token Distribution
Token Distribution

Bonus Chart:

Bonus Chart
Bonus Chart

and Financial Planing

Financial Planning
Financial Planning

Learn more about Porn_X ICO:

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