LinkedIn to Start Crypto Related Ads Ban

Another social network bans cryptocurrency and blockchain related ads
29 March 2018   1737

Business social network LinkedIn began blocking ads related to cryptocurrencies. At the same time, Microsoft, owner of the social network, allows to place it at its other resources. This is reported by The Independent with reference to the statement of the company's press secretary.

Earlier, with similar initiatives were made made Twitter, Google, Facebook and Snapchat. They refer in one form or another to the fact that such ads are often used to mislead and deceive investors

The Eurasian association of blockchain, recently founded by structures from Russia, South Korea and China acted against the actions of companies that prohibit advertising of crypto-currency projects,. Its representatives say that these companies have entered into a cartel conspiracy to manipulate the market, and therefore intend to file a lawsuit with the US court.

Bitfinex to List BTT

As became known, asset trading is available in pairs with Bitcoin and US dollars
19 February 2019   73

Following the South Korean Bithumb BitTorrent token (BTT) appeared in the Bitfinex cryptocurrency listing.

Asset trading is available in pairs with Bitcoin and US dollars.

Also the other day Bitfinex technical director Paolo Ardoino said that recently work on the decentralized trading platform EOSfinex has been actively promoted.

According to him, the public beta of the platform operating in the test network will be presented within the next 2-3 weeks.