Linus Torvalds to Leave Linux Temporarily

Creator of Linux kernel wants to take a pause to "figure out how to understand people's emotions and react adequately"
18 September 2018   804

On September 16, 2018, along with the announcement of the release of the fourth release candidate, Linux 4.19, Linus Torvalds stated that he for the time being removed from the development of the OS kernel to "figure out how to understand people's emotions and react adequately." He will be replaced by Greg Kroah-Hartman.

I need to change some of my behavior, and I want to apologize to the people that my personal behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development entirely.

Linus Torvalds

Creator, Linux

According to Torvalds, the incident with the overlay of his vacation for the time of the October Summit of Linux developers (Maintainer's Summit) made him look at himself from the outside. In early September, it turned out that because of inattention, he planned a holiday with his family during the summit. Because of this, I had to move the meeting from Vancouver to Edinburgh, which was somewhat difficult.

Torvalds acknowledged he was rude, often did not consider the feelings of other people, but regretted it and intended to correct his behavior. Jono Bacon, a leading strategic development consultant, considered this recognition as evidence that Linus is putting the project ahead of his own ego, and invited colleagues to support him in this endeavor.

Torvalds also amended the Code of Conduct, which regulates the resolution of conflicts within the community. The old version was limited to a short list of recommendations for respectful relationship to each other. The new extends and refines this list, taking as a basis the Contributor Covenant, adopted in many other open source projects, including GitLab, Kubernetes and those developed by Google.

A couple of months before, another leader- the head of the Python project Guido van Rossum - announced about his resignation, but more long-term. He limited his role in the development of language as a mentor and kernel developer, and left more global issues to the discretion of the community. Van Rossum explained that he was tired of participating in the battles for PEP-specifications and "seeing how many people despise" his decisions.

Tiobe February 2019 Index Released

Groove language is in top 20 again; it's popularity increased due to Gradle; Java is 1st
11 February 2019   334

In February, search engine statistics showed that the dynamically typed Groovy language is gaining popularity again. As analysts of TIOBE noted, it was already in the top twenty of the TIOBE index in 2016 on the wave of interest in the Jenkins system for continuous integration. Now it is pushed forward by the Gradle assembly automation system.

TIOBE Februry 2019 Index
TIOBE Februry 2019 Index

More analysts noticed that the language Hack this month entered the top 50, and TypeScript left it (in their opinion, temporarily). Since February last year, Python and C ++ swapped places, and again topped the list with Java and C.