Liquidity Network make off-chain protocol for Ethereum

It will become an analog of the Lighting Network for the bitcoin
30 November 2017   2045

The Swiss researcher Ethereum Arthur Gervais presented a demo version of the Liquidity Network project. It will allow Ethereum-purses to introduce and use an off-chain transaction protocol for payment channels, an analog of the Lighting Network for the bitcoin network.

For users, the process of transferring funds will not visually change. But under the hood of the Ethereum wallets, the off-chain protocol will connect the sender and the recipient through "hubs", which will provide payment channels between all connected to the "hub" parties.

During the demonstration of the demo version, Gervais showed the process of depositing funds for the "hub", and also transferred two users 50 Wei and 30 Wei (fractional shares  Ethereum), respectively.

Earlier developers of the decentralized crypto exchange Altcoin Exchange conducted the first atomic transaction between the networks of bitcoin and Ethereum.

Binance Android App to Support CC Payments

Additionally, crypto-fiat exchange Binance Singapore was launched
25 April 2019   83

Binance has updated the application for the Android OS. Now users can buy cryptocurrency using their credit cards.

In particular, the feature of buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash with your credit card is now available.

At the same time, the launch of the Binance Singapore crypto-fiat exchange took place. So far, only one trading pair is available to users of the site - BTC / SGD, but later in the listing other coins may appear.

Singapore users need not only to create an account, but also to link it to an account in the local Xfers payment service, which provides cryptowallet approved by local regulators.

It is noteworthy that earlier Xfers was a partner of Coinbase, when the latter launched its services in Singapore, but relations between the companies were terminated.