Lisk Explorer update released

Lisk Explorer 1.4.0 is now available to download after the recent patches of 1.3.1 and 1.3.2
14 November   407

On November 14, Lisk, a Switzerland-based blockchain application platform that enables developers to build decentralised applications written in JavaScript, announced the release of Lisk Explorer 1.4.0 version, which is reported to have enhanced UX/UI, improved performance, bug fixes, and website analytics.

Lisk is on the rise

Lisk cryptocurrency increased by 53% within past 7 days and by almost 30% within past 24 hours
15 November   417

Lisk, a cryptocurrency of a Switzerland-based Lisk blockchain application platform that enables developers to build decentralised applications written in JavaScript, has been showing quite a positive development lately, moving in the upwards direction.

The price of Lisk rose by 53,77% during last 7 days growing from $4,9 on November 8 to $8,4 on November 15. The market capitalisation during the week moved from $590 million to $970 million. At the same time, last 24 hours also were marked by the increase of the coin, whose price rose by 29,25% from $7 to $8,4.

Lisk Charts November 2017Lisk Charts

Such a successful recent development of Lisk currency may be attributed to the release of Lisk Explorer 1.4.0 version on November 14, which has UX/UI enchancements, improved performance, bug fixes, and added website analytics.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency started to gain more popularity recently as it got more public attention after Tokyo Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference held on November 11, where the developer of Lisk coin Max Kordek was presenting among other participants.

At the time of press, Lisk continues moving upwards being traded at the price of $8,4 with market capitalisation of $970 million and 24h volume of $48 million.