Lisk Nano 1.2.0 available now

Six new features are now available into the Lisk desktop client
30 October 2017   1162

Lisk team released new, 1.2.0 version of its desktop client called Nano.

What's new in Lisk Nano 1.2.0? 

Main features are:

  • Support for multiple languages
    German is available as an language interface
  • Seamless sharing of delegate lists for voting
    The launch protocol for voting will drastically improve the user experience. To date, if you wanted to share a list of delegates for voting you had to look up each delegate name. Now there is a link that allows you to seamlessly share lists of delegates for voting using the link lisk://main/voting/vote.
  • Save account details in the app
    Developers implemented a “save account” feature which is perfect for those who don’t check their wallet so frequently. 
  • Improved passphrase validation messages
    Passphrase validation was a recurring issue for users with Nano 1.1.0. Lisk’s passphrase requires at least 12 words (from a list of 2024 words), with each word separated by one space. 
  • Summary bar of delegate counts for voting
    To make the voting feature easier, team added a sticky bar that counts upvotes, downvotes, total new votes and total votes. It also shows an error toast if any of the limits is exceeded.
  • Easy to find and copy your Lisk address
    “Receive LSK” button adde. When you click the button, it opens a modal dialog window with your address in bold letters, a QR code with the address as well as a “copy address” button.

See release notes and download at GitHub

Lisk Meetup to Take Place in Madison, Wisconsin

Lisk is holding Lisk Badger Blockchain Meetup on March 6, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin
05 March 2018   2300

Lisk is created to make it easy for developers to build and deploy blockchain applications in JavaScript, letting them join Lisk ecosystem for world-changing dapps.

Lisk is holding Lisk Badger Blockchain Meetup on March 6, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin. As it was reported, the Lisk Badger Blockchain Meetup will be an introduction to Lisk's blockchain application platform. Moreover, it should cover what is in store for the future of the rapidly developing platform of Lisk. 

Lisk twitter announcementLisk twitter announcement

Location: University of Wisconsin, Madison, Mechanical Engineering Building (Room 1106), 1513 University Ave, Madison, WI 53706
Date and time: March 6, 2018 at 4PM CST

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Lisk:

Average price: $18,65
Market cap: $1 911 731 062
24h volume: $28 342 100