Litecoin and Monero Might Start a Collaboration

Judging by the tweets of Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, the collaboration between Monero and LTC might become real making atomic swaps possible
29 January 2018   655

The collaboration between Monero and Litecoin might become possible, as the creators of Litecoin and Monero stated in their tweets. Riccardo Spagni stated that he and Charlie Lee met and had a talk about possible merger of Litecoin and Monero alliances which may cross-improve operations with both coins.

Moreover, Charlie Lee claimed that it will take some work for atomic swaps to work properly on Monero and it's up to Monero devs and community to decide if this is a good idea, but if the collaboration happens, it's going to be huge, but no longer an unexpected surprise.

At the moment of press, those are the main parameters of the coins:

  • Monero. Average price. $317,46 
  • Market Cap. $4 970 920 492
  • 24h Volume. $74 176 900
  • Litecoin. Average price. $181,87
  • Market Cap. $9 997 338 771
  • 24h Volume. $362 351 000

European Crypto Exchanges Launch P2P Platforms

Two crypto exchanges from announced plans to offer peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading  
16 February 2018   135

The first exchange is Latvia-based Hodlhodl which launched in beta-mode its new P2P platform. The second one is Bulgarian which is developing its own service that may replace the fiat medium with a token.

The Hodlhodl launched a beta version of its new platform designed to accommodate safe and secure peer-to-peer transactions of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. At the moment, users can open accounts and adjust them, and study available functionalities. Contracts are currently disabled but developers hope to complete the order book and launch them within a week.

At first, only BTC and LTC will be traded. The exchange will operate in beta-mode until July 2018 with 0% commission. After that, there will be applied a fee of max 0.6% per trade.
The P2P Bitcoin exchange will introduce contracts that will allow users to control their funds in escrow.

Hodlhodl offers support of native Bech32 Segwit addresses and P2SH-P2WSH Segwit multisig escrow addresses. The exchange services will be decentralized and no KYC or AML procedures will be applied.

The websites are available in English, in future other languages will be added. Also, it will introduce support for Lightning Network micropayments and other cryptocurrencies.

Bulgarian has also announced that it is working on a P2P platform, after facing multiple issues with the traditional financial system.

This month the exchange announced that it is planning to trade Bitcoin on a new peer-to-peer platform that is currently under development.

The new system will offer the opportunity to trade through Cryptolevs backed by a certain amount of bitcoin “locked” in a public address. Bank transfers will be made on a peer-to-peer basis and banks will not be able to tell if such transactions are bitcoin-related.